The Star Comics releases of November 17, 2021

The Star Comics releases of November 17, 2021

The Star Comics releases of November 17

The Star Comics releases of 10 November 2021 have been disseminated through the official website of the Perugian publisher. To report the latest issue of Solo Leveling and the new issue of Record of Ragnarok.

Let's find out all the releases together!

The Star Comics releases of November 17, 2021



15 × 21, B, color, 168 pp, € 8.90

After the events of the last dungeon, in which he had to kill other humans for the first time, Jinwoo Sung is called to do a new job and finds himself together with other hunters, including those who survived the Double Dungeon and others on probation. The latter are guarded by Taeshik Kang, a rather creepy-looking grade B of the Surveillance Division of the Korean Hunter Association…

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of Azychika, Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui

12.8 × 18, B, b / ne col., 192, € 5.90

The biggest trap hatched by Jack the Ripper is finally revealed. To cope with him, Heracles resorts to one of his labors, risking his life. The bloody no-holds-barred clash between the serial killer of the fog and the unshakable warrior demigod comes to a memorable conclusion!

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by Hiroyuki Takei

11.5 × 17.5, B, b / ne col., 208 pp, € 5.90

In the first phase of the tournament, Team Terme di Funbari led by Yoh won an amazing victory. Just long enough to breathe a sigh of relief, and here

Hao appears, who will face one of the X-Laws squad, the X-III. What could they ever do in the face of his enormous power ?!

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by Gosho Aoyama

11.5 × 17.5, B, b / w, 256 pp, € 5.50

Here is the fourth volume that collects the episodes that see Conan struggling with the mysterious organization of the Men in Black! An exceptional opportunity to retrace one of the main threads of the beloved series of the master Aoyama without interruption! Bourbon's real goal is to ascertain whether FBI investigator Shuichi Akai is dead or alive: what really happened that day at the Raiha crossing? Finally, the "Scarlet Truth" will be revealed!

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by Gosho Aoyama

11.5 × 17.5 , B, b / w, 256 pp, € 5.90

Could the Men in Black have discovered Conan's true identity ?! After managing to escape the clutches of the two criminals who tried to kidnap him (a woman

who pretended to be his mother and a man wearing a mask), Conan wages a fight against time to thwart a murder and recover the mysterious drug that made him shrink. The masked man he is dealing with, however, turns out to be a tougher nut than expected!

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by Chuya Koyama

12.8 × 18, B , 208 pp, b / w, with dust jacket € 4.90

The long-awaited Luna Lander finally arrives, but by mistake it lands very far from the Moon Base, so Mutta and Philip find themselves forced to make a long and

dangerous journey. From even further away, precisely from a distance of 380,000 km, unexpected help also comes: their friends Kenji and Nitta try their hand at a simulation of the journey to the lander using vehicles identical to those supplied on the Moon… Will they be able to find the right path, taking into account the bumpy surface of the Earth's satellite? A mission to recover supplies begins in literally uncharted territory!

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by Haruhisa Nakata

12.8 × 18, B, b / w col., 208 pp, with dust jacket € 5.90

At the end of a deadly fight, Levius defeated Oliver, the absolute ruler of the Southern Slam. While the public rejoices at the birth of the new sovereign,

suddenly Baltius appears ...! Furthermore, together with the Amethyst army led by Doctor Clown, Arthur Greynore, the number two of the

Grade-I, also enters the arena ... The battle for the East is not over yet!

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by Sumito Oowara

14.5 × 21, B, b / ne col., 160 pp, with dust jacket € 6.50

During the assembly of the budget committee, Eizouken finally reveals itself in front of the whole Shibahama High School and ... Asakusa and her companions receive

an interesting proposal from the robot study group: to produce a promotional anime for the Culture Festival!

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by Sorata Akiduki

11,5 × 17,5, B, b / w, 192 pp, with dust jacket € 5,50

Shirayuki and Zen, increasingly close-knit, begin to share their plans for the future. After having accompanied Sakaki for a while, back to Tanbarun, on their way back they find themselves forced to sleep outside, and Obi suddenly disappears in the middle of the night! After this adventure too, Shirayuki, who has become an official court herbalist, goes with Ryu to the lands of the North…

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by Hideaki Sorachi

11.5 × 17.5, B, b / w, 208 pp with dust jacket € 4.90

Despite having the common goal to save their beloved master Shoyo, Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura go their separate ways. Shortly after the Edo terminal jumps

in the air and the news of the assassination of Prime Minister Katsura spreads. Will it be the work of the survivors of the Tendoshu clan, or ... ?!

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by Mirka Andolfo

15 × 21, C, duotone, 112 pp € 11.90

The problems for the diabolical and fierce CCO of Infernum Press, Miss Paprika, are certainly not finished: after having juggled (more or less) skillfully between an unbearable ex and the shocking revelation about the incorruptible father figure that changes her life, now she will have to manage the work tension, but also and especially the sexual one towards the charming producer Za'atar. And there are only a few weeks left until the International Market, in which the fateful and desired meeting will take place!

The little devil decides to rewrite the rules of her life by hiring the uninhibited and sunny angel Dill to learn how to be a true queen under the sheets.

But amid still unsolved "blocks", misunderstandings and jealousies, not everything goes as expected. Especially when it comes to dealing with your feelings…

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by Mirka Andolfo

15 × 21, C, duotone, 112 pp € 11.90

This edition was created at the behest of the author, who decided to redesign some HOT cartoons within the story: as a sort of "director's cut" edition ”, the stylistic and narrative choices underlying the shots are aimed at making the result even more intriguing and“ risque ”.

HOT PAPRIKA 2 - Deluxe Edition

by Mirka Andolfo

21 × 28, C, duotone, 128 pp

Contains exclusive gadget € 100.00 | full color editorial. In addition, all copies will be numbered and signed by the author! A one-of-a-kind volume, definitely… sexy, for the collector who wants to titillate his senses.

SWEET PAPRIKA 2 - Variant Comics

by Mirka Andolfo

15 × 21, C, duotone, 112 pp € 13.90

The splendid variant exclusively for comics this time it boasts a fantastic cover illustration by the exceptional Stjepan Šejić, who plays our heroine with passion, erotic tension and a pinch of irony. And obviously, like the previous one, it will be further embellished with a precious metallic effect in cold-foil.


by Mirka Andolfo

contains exclusive gadget € 23.80

For those who don't want to miss the sweetness or passion, this bundle is the obvious choice to take home both of the author's interpretations, in an elegant package and with an exclusive gadget attached.


by Mario Alberti, from an idea by Antoine Charreyron

21 × 28, C, color, 64 pp € 13.90

A last frenetic and dizzying volume for the exciting series signed by the master Mario Alberti (Dragonero, Nathan Never), who once again manages to immerse the reader in a vortex of dust, rust and blood. In addition, on the occasion of the end of the series, with the addition of € 5.00 to the cover price, you will receive an exclusive hardcover box to preserve the entire trilogy!

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