The first Starlink antennas to Tesla Superchargers emerge

The first Starlink antennas to Tesla Superchargers emerge

Tesla has begun installing Starlink antennas at Supercharger charging stations, so as to offer its customers a satellite internet connection while they wait to recharge the car. Without a doubt, the Supercharger network of chargers to date is the best available, with all the others trying to fill the gap with what Tesla has achieved.

Despite all the fastest charging systems chosen by Tesla, it is not unusual that a full recharge takes more than 30 minutes, during which the user still has the opportunity to remain in the car to have fun while waiting to be able to move again. There is no shortage of entertainment apps on Tesla: Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, Tesla Arcade video games and much more, are more than enough reasons to stay in the car while charging.

To make the most of these app it is necessary to activate the additional subscription from $ 10 per month to take advantage of the LTE connectivity integrated in the cars, while those who decide not to subscribe can - when available - use a WiFi line. And it is precisely for this reason that Elon Musk has long promised high-performance WiFi at Supercharger charging points, and finally this idea seems to have come true: the reports of sightings of Starlink antennas are different, and it is only the beginning.

To date, Starlink can boast a system made up of more than 1000 satellites already in orbit, and over 100,000 users who can enjoy high performance internet without the need for underground cabling; the Supercharger network, on the other hand, has recently exceeded 30,000 charging points in over 3,100 stations, but the goal is to triple the size of the charging network within the next two years, also following the decision to open Superchargers also to cars not Tesla.

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