Surface at incredible prices for Microsoft's Black Friday!

Surface at incredible prices for Microsoft's Black Friday!

We thought Microsoft had already put their cards on the table regarding its Black Friday, but what we had published a few days ago was just a taste. We inform you, in fact, that the official store has decided to give a further boost to the offers relating to Surface products but, just like in the previous occasion, it will be possible to continue saving also on a series of video games and accessories for your console.

In any case, the offers of this rejuvenated Black Friday resume a bit those we reported about a week ago, but with a really interesting new entry: the Surface Book 3. If on the previous occasion we advised you to buy the Surface Pro 7, now we suggest you consider the new entry, on which you can save the huge sum of € 620! In this case, however, the more expensive variant must be added to the cart, namely the one with Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. Without the help of Black Friday, the price of this notebook would amount to € 3,099.00, but now it can be yours for € 2,479.00. We know, these are important figures but they demonstrate the incredible quality and performance of Microsoft's Surface, in particular the model object of our proposal.

As you may have guessed, the Surface Book 3 is one of the most powerful laptops from Microsoft, designed to meet the most complex needs. Although it is not a gaming notebook, it has enough power to allow you to also play during your free time, since, in addition to the components mentioned above, there is also an Nvidia 1660 Ti video card. A laptop therefore that combines performance with versatility, perfect for the studio and for those who need a high-performance solution that is easy to carry.

Being a Microsoft product, it is obviously based on Windows and integrates all the apps that will allow you to take full advantage of it, without ever compromising the stability of the system, even during the heaviest multitasking operations. In short, a notebook capable of bringing productivity to the highest levels, both from your office and on the move. Of course, the price is not its strong point, but this applies to any product with excellent build quality, a series of software optimizations and best-in-class performance. In any case, the discount of over € 600 will make it easier for interested parties to take it into consideration.

We reiterate that Microsoft's Black Friday is very advantageous and in addition to the Surface Book 3 there are many other opportunities to do not miss, which is why we do not want to delay any longer, leaving you to discover the other offers on the official page at the following address, however remembering that the store will give you the opportunity to save until 31 January 2022. In saying goodbye, do not forget that if you want to discover all the offers of the moment and stay updated on future discount periods or on the advantageous flash offers of digital stores, all you have to do is follow us on our channels: Generic offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products.

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