Sky Cloth Sho Revival Myth Cloth: Review

Sky Cloth Sho Revival Myth Cloth: Review

Sky Cloth Sho Revival Myth Cloth

For the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth line comes a very welcome reissue from Tamashii Nations, or as it is called by its official name, Revival Edition since unlike the first edition this slightly revised version makes corrections and updates to its predecessor. The subject of this new Revival Edition is Sky Cloth Sho, one of the three Steel Saint of the Saint Seiya series - The Knights of the Zodiac, belonging only to the fillers of the animated series, but still much loved by fans. Among other things, the charm of these warriors derives from the fact that they do not possess any cosmos but are dressed in mechanical armor capable of simulating the powers of those of other Saints.

The character is part of the Myth Cloth line , which since 2003 offers the official action figures taken from Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac. This spectacular line of the Japanese brand offers collectors the possibility of mounting an armor made of metal and plastic on an articulated body. Alternatively, for all the characters created, it is possible to compose the armor components on special plastic "skeletons" to create the Totem shape. The peculiarity of Sky Cloth Sho also consists in making sense of displaying it with totem armor plus action figures given that in the animated series the Steel Saint totems are also used as a means of transport.


The Sky Cloth Sho Packaging, which arrives exactly ten years after its first edition and was also a limited edition, is re-proposed with a graphic structure largely faithful to the first exit . That changes? Among the few differences, but rather evident, are the image placed on the front with a close-up in action version, plus the whole series of stickers and logos updated to 2021 and in the back, much more evident, where the official images are placed superimposed on a beautiful artwork of Sky Cloth Sho while using one of the features of his incredible mechanical armor. Internally, the blisters look almost like those of ten years ago. In the first blister we do not notice any particular differences except a slight reinterpretation (for the better) of the sculpt and hair coloring and an extra face. The second blister, however, is identical to the previous one.

Sky Cloth Sho (Revival Edition)

This new re-edition of Sky Cloth Sho, as we said, looks very similar to the previous one but introduces an improvement in the sculpt of the hair but also in their coloring. Another striking difference is the coloring of the blue parts of the armor, now much sharper. The assembly of the totem, accompanied by the instruction booklet, is very simple and there is no risk of making mistakes if we follow each step to the letter.

We have instead found some difficulties in assembling the armor on the character as a part armor, the right toggle, did not fit properly into the hole in the figure. How did we solve? Simply by creating a little thickness with the help of a small piece of paper (without glue eh) and everything went smoothly. Of course, although the remedy was simple in a product of almost 100 euros, we would not expect this type of problem but fortunately our experience has placed a good patch on it. Another difference of this Myth Cloth is that it is offered in a regular edition (rather than a limited edition like the previous one released in 2011). Finally, we recall that in the past, shortly after Sky Cloth Sho, the other two Steel Saint, Marine Cloth Ushio and Land Cloth Daichi, were also released, sold at the time in a set that included both of them so we expect shortly also the announcement of their new revival version.

Sky Cloth Sho has a cost of 7500 Yen (About 80 euros) and is available from July 2021 in Japan, unfortunately in Italy there have been delays in deliveries to Cosmic Group distributor, which only a few days ago was able to ship the September goods to the various retailers.

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