Sinnoh's 10 best Pokémon in Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

Sinnoh's 10 best Pokémon in Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

Best Pokédex ever. This is how the monsters introduced with the Sinnoh region are described by fans of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Which is a bit like what all fans say when they talk about the Pokémon with which they approached this world; in this specific case, however, it cannot be denied that the one that arrived on the Nintendo DS between 2006 and 2007 was a rather inspired generation.

107 new creatures, which with the remakes Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl will once again be the undisputed protagonists. With the help of Professor Rowan, we then decided to go through our Pokémon encyclopedia, looking for the 10 Sinnoh Pokémon we like best. And they are sure to be different from your favorites. We are therefore waiting for you in the comments to find out which ones you would have entered and which ones you just couldn't stand.


Munchlax is much more active than Snorlax In tenth position we find Munchlax, the Glutton Pokémon. Snorlax pre-evolution is one of the most successful baby Pokémon of the generation, and is a mix of strength and tenderness. Much more active than his full form, Munchlax has an exaggerated amount of health and is able to withstand attacks well thanks to an excellent special defense and Thick Fat ability, which halves the damage from fire and ice. So much so that someone even thought of using it in distorted zone instead of Snorlax, just to be original.


Pachirisu is cuddly, but can become a thorn in your side as an opponent of Pachirisu, the Helicopter Pokémon. Rising to prominence after pulling Korean Se Jun Park to 2014 World Cup victory, the fourth generation Pikaclone is a concentrate of features blended together to please fans. But in addition to the irresistible external appearance, in the sixth generation Pachirisu proved to be an extraordinary ally in double battles, thanks to his strong tank characteristics combined with the ability to absorb volt and moves capable of putting the opponent on the ropes as electrococcola. >


Rotom has a passion for household appliances Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Yes, the ghost that haunted our Pokédexes is none other than Rotom, a curious electric spirit with a passion for electronic devices. Its ability to change shape and type based on the appliance it possesses is a rare genius found, which has allowed a Pokémon otherwise not very useful in battle to find its place in teams of all kinds. Unfortunately some of its forms have lost their effectiveness with the passing of generations, but between lore and clashes, Rotom is now a permanent presence in all the games of the series.


Infernape in a anime scene: Infernape, the Flame Pokémon, exudes strength and agility. It is the prototype of the starter capable of making challenges in the gym a health walk. Very fast and equipped with attacks capable of eliminating a large portion of opponents in a couple of moves, the second evolution of Chimchar has made the little fire monkey the first choice of a disproportionate number of players, conquered by his unquestionably cool appearance. If that weren't enough, the design is inspired by the protagonist of The Journey to the West, Son Wukong, and consequently is also in some way linked to Son Goku from Dragon Ball.


The Clemont's Luxray in the Pokémon XY animated series Luxray, the Light-Eyes Pokémon. Severe, elegant, proud. This sort of electric lion conveys an immediate sense of strength and security, which has led a large number of coaches to ... resounding defeats. Yes, because beyond appearances, Luxray has never managed to carve out a truly leading role in the struggles. A rare example of an electric pokémon with good defensive stats, it is held back by its mediocre speed, making it incredibly niche to use. However, it remains one of the most stylistically successful pokémon ever.


Empoleon is truly massive Empoleon, the Emperor Pokémon. The third stage of the Piplup water-type starter is a mix of pride and power. A seemingly unbeatable steel penguin, capable of withstanding a disproportionate amount of moves thanks to its double water-steel type. If Infernape is the sweeper we all had instinctively chosen for its speed and power, Empoleon is the sure bulwark that was difficult to do without in battles in Sinnoh


The two forms by Giratina. Brrrr Giratina, the Rebel Pokémon. In the trio created by Arceus along with Dialga and Palkia, Giratina is a sort of Lucifer of the Pokémon world. A creature that controls antimatter, a counterpart to the distorted world of the order to which his brothers are responsible, Giratina is described as violent and difficult to frame. Much of its charm derives from this inscrutable nature, as well as from a dual design that rightly inspires great fear. We are talking about an extraordinarily strong Pokémon, which is never pleasant to deal with.


Lucario in action in Pokémon Shining Diamond (or Pokémon Shining Pearl?) Lucario, the Pokémon Aura. One of the most popular of the series, with a design that recalls a jackal but with a series of details that make it unique. On top of that it is capable of understanding human language and is incredibly powerful. Its double type, Fight-Steel, gives it a significant amount of resistance and increases its effectiveness, even in competitive. All reasons that rightly bring it into the top 3 of this ranking.


Darkrai will certainly not make you sleep peacefully Darkrai, the black and white Pokémon. Whatever that means, it sounds incredibly threatening, just like his looks. On the other hand, Darkrai has a reputation for being particularly dangerous, and his ability to induce nightmares in humans has made him feared and marginalized. Over time, a solitary but far from evil nature has emerged, which has not affected the appreciation of the public in any case. In battle, then, he is literally a force of nature


He is Garchomp: is there more to say? At the top, however, there could only be him: Garchomp, the Pokémon Mach. What at the first stage is a small and cute little dragon, with increasing levels becomes a real monster of power. Something of the middle ground between a jet and a hammerhead shark, this legendary pseudo-land dragon is beautiful in a way that only the most ferocious and ancient beasts can be. Fast and powerful, for years it has been practically unstoppable in battles, so much so that some swear that the Kobold Pokémon were born only to put a stop to its excessive power.

And with this the absolutely subjective ranking of the our 10 favorite Pokémon introduced in Sinnoh. What are yours? Tell us in the comments below.

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