New Alder Lake mobile CPUs spotted in popular benchmarks

New Alder Lake mobile CPUs spotted in popular benchmarks

A new result recorded in the SiSoftware benchmark allows us to take a first look at one of Intel's Alder Lake-M mobile processors. According to the data, this Alder Lake chip will feature a ten-core configuration with a boost frequency of up to 4.7 GHz, along with support for LPDDR5 memory. This is the first Alder Lake-M chip to appear in any benchmark, which suggests that the CPU is still a prototype. This is partly confirmed by the fact that it has been tested on an Intel Reference Validation Platform. What we do know about Alder Lake-M is that it will be one of the most energy efficient Intel processor lines of the generation. The CPUs will be aimed at low-powered notebooks and ultrabooks, designed to focus on energy efficiency rather than performance, like the Alder Lake-P models.

Photo Credit: SiSoftware The main configuration of Alder Lake-M constitutes its most interesting feature. It will be based on what Intel calls the UP4 design, which maxes out at two P-cores and eight E-cores. This is a significant change from mobile and desktop chips, which use an equal (or nearly equal) amount of P-core and E-core. SiSoftware's results reflect this too, as a 10-core design has been reported. But the strange thing is the indication of 20 threads, but it could be an error by SiSoftware. Other specs include 5MB of L2 cache and 12MB of L3 cache, a base frequency of 806MHz and a boost clock of 4.7GHz. The chip also uses LPDDR5 memories, according to the LP5 in the name. This means that Alder Lake-M will be one of the first mobile platforms to adopt low-profile DDR5 memory, the bandwidth of which is expected to be similar to regular DDR5.

According to SiSoftware benchmarks, including Processor Multi-Media, Cryptography, Financial Analysis and Scientific Analysis tests, the Alder Lake-M chip performs similar to a Ryzen 3 2200G. However, these results refer to a still prototype chip, and SiSoftware's benchmarks are highly specific for certain workloads, so real-world performance is still a big unknown. Finally, we report that the Core i7-1260P, Alder Lake-P U28 processor with 4 P-Core and 8 E-Core, which scored 1,442 in the Single-Core test and 4,190 in the Multi-Core test, also recently appeared on Geekbench. .

Photo Credit: Geekbench

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