The Core i7-12700H is truly a multi-threaded bomb, according to early benchmarks

The Core i7-12700H is truly a multi-threaded bomb, according to early benchmarks

The Core i7-12700H is truly a multi-threaded bomb

There are still a few months left until the debut of the 12th generation Intel Core “Alder Lake-P” processors for high-performance notebooks, but some people in the industry have already shared the results of the first benchmarks.

The alleged results of Geekbench 5 obtained on Gigabyte Aero 5 XE and HP Omen 17 laptops with Intel Core i7-12700H inside were added to the benchmark database last Friday, revealing the performance of the upcoming Alder Lake-P mobile CPU in this popular synthetic benchmark. The numbers registered on both machines are very close; therefore, we can assume that the readings are more or less accurate. Meanwhile, both machines appear to be equipped with DDR4-3200 memory, which may have limited their performance in single-threaded workloads.

Photo Credit: Wccftech The Intel Core i7-12700H CPU packs six high-performance Golden Cove cores and eight energy-efficient Gracemont cores; hence, it should perform considerably better than existing Intel mobile CPUs in multi-threaded workloads. Since Alder Lake-P officially lacks AVX-512 support, the processor will be slower than chips that support these instructions in certain areas. Since the overall results of GB5 are heavily influenced by cryptography, it makes sense to look at those for integers and floats and compare them to the respective numbers obtained on other processors.

Surprisingly, Intel's Core i7-12700H 'Alder Lake-P' can't beat AMD's Core i7-11800H 'Tiger Lake-H' and Ryzen 7 5800H 'Cezanne' (Zen 3) in single-threaded workloads. It also falls considerably behind Apple's M1-series System-On-Chip which have been leading single-threaded performance for about a year. Perhaps, using faster memory would have given the Intel CPU an edge, but extensive first-hand testing will be required to find out.

Photo Credit: Wccftech In Geekbench 5 multi-threaded workloads, things look better for the Core i7-12700H as it leaves both the Core i7-11800H and Ryzen 7 5800H behind. However, Apple's M1 Max with its 10 cores (eight high-performance cores, two energy-efficient cores) manages to beat Intel's proposal in all multi-thread tests. Obviously, these results are not definitive and, from now on, they could improve following various optimizations.

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