Harry Potter, LGBTQ + community calls for a boycott for the return to the hall of the saga

Harry Potter, LGBTQ + community calls for a boycott for the return to the hall of the saga

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is back in the hall to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the saga, but it brought with it a strong controversy tail, due to the request for a boycott of the film by the LGBTQ + community and sympathizers, due to some positions considered transphobic by the writer JK Rowling.

This isn't the first time Harry Potter (and derivative works) has been attacked because of its author (think Howgarts Legacy's call for a boycott due to the political positions of a member of the development team, then fired), but this time the controversy has also reached politics. In particular Giorgia Meloni has sided in defense of Rowling and of the managers of the cinemas that will host the film:

"Rowling too hit for free by the fanaticism of politically correct. And now someone would like to boycott Harry's return to the cinema Potter. Who knows what cinema managers will think after their theaters have been closed for months ... "

It makes one think that Harry Potter himself was recently banned from Hungary by right-wing dictator Orban because, according to the regime, he promotes homosexuality.

The attacks on the new screenings of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone arise from the desire to defend the rights of the people, hitting an influential person who has expressed transphobic ideas. On the other hand, however, there are those who defend the choice of going to see the film at the cinema, clearly dividing the author from her work.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

What We Know About the Rumored 'Harry Potter' Reunion Special...

Photo credit: Dave M. Benett - Getty Images

Good news if you're really into Harry Potter: the cast appear to potentially be gearing up for a reunion special. According to The Sun, 'movie bigwigs' (lol) want to create a Hogwarts version of the super successful Friends reunion to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the first movie, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. [Side note: HOW AM I SO OLD?]

All of the film's major stars have been approached—including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint—and filming would take place Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. When, you ask? As soon as later this month, so if it happens, it's going to happen fast.

Photo credit: Dave M. Benett - Getty Images

“The proposed show is being shrouded in secrecy as franchise bosses want to get talent locked in first,' a source tells The Sun. “It would be amazing if they pull it off and they have offered big money to the cast to reunite. Many of the actors have moved on, but the movies launched them to superstardom. They all have lots of fond memories from their time filming together. Everyone is hopeful it will happen.”

Apparently the reunion will involve the cast recreating some of Harry Potter's most famous scenes, including the Yule Ball and boarding the Hogwarts Express. And if you've been to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, you know most of those sets are already built and ready to go, which means all execs need to make this work is get the cast to sign on. Here's to hoping!

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