GTA Trilogy: modder already working to improve the rain and other aspects

GTA Trilogy: modder already working to improve the rain and other aspects

GTA Trilogy

GTA Trilogy had a troubled launch to say the least, with a long series of technical problems that have plagued the collection of the Definitive Edition, but modders are already working to try to improve some aspects at least on PC and above all the rain, despite the threat constant lawsuits by Rockstar Games.

One of the less successful things about GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is in fact the effect of rain, which appears to be some sort of low-quality filter applied to the image , with the effect of being even annoying to the eye, also considering the fact that it does not interact with the bodies of water on the ground and is characterized by the repetition of simple animated elements that create a very strange effect.

Up this aspect is already concentrating various modders, with different solutions proposed already in these first days and also considering that the PC version was inaccessible for days, removed from the Rockst ar Launcher until today, when instead it was made available to players.

As reported by PC Gamer, GTATrilogyMods has already proposed a solution on Patreon but with version 1.1 which is free, while on GTA Forums c 'is iNSANE666 which proposes a mod to improve the rain in GTA III in particular, but there are already several possible solutions.

The rain in GTA Trilogy before and after the application of the GTATrilogyMods mod There are also projects to put together all the content dedicated to the original radios and other changes to be applied to the interface and the graphical rendering of various aspects . The problem with these solutions is that they are under constant threat of legal action from Rockstar Games and Take Two, given the recent aggression on these aspects by the companies in question.

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Rockstar’s ‘GTA Trilogy’ Is Getting Eaten Alive On Metacritic

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Credit: Rockstar Games

Few games manage to piss everybody off as thoroughly as Rockstar’s latest release. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition was supposed to be a masterful celebration of three fantastic games—GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas—but instead we have a Cyberpunk 2077-level fiasco on our hands.

The remastered games are a mess. The PC version was actually removed from sale on the Rockstar Game Launcher due to its myriad issues, including the controversial “Hot Coffee” code.

Almost no critics have reviewed the trilogy yet—it’s not easy to play through three games and as far as I can tell, early review copies were not provided (though review copies did go out at launch). That’s never a great sign. What we have to go off of instead are user reviews on Metacritic. Unfortunately there are none on Steam, since the PC version is exclusive to the Rockstar Games Launcher.

The reviews are in and they are brutal. As of this writing, GTA: The Trilogy has the following user aggregate scores on each platform:

  • PC: 0.6
  • PS4: 0.7
  • PS5: 0.9
  • Switch: 0.5
  • Xbox One: 0.5
  • Xbox Series X: 0.5
  • This is significantly lower than Cyberpunk 2077’s user review scores and one of the worst-reviewed games we’ve seen in a very long time.

    Critic reviews are higher but not great, with a 64/100 on PC and PS5 and just two reviews for the Nintendo Switch for an aggregate of 40/100. Ouch.

    Gamers are upset by the game’s long list of shortcomings, from poor character models to lousy controls.

    “Something can be said for the improved lighting and updated look of the game,” one Metacritic user writes of the PC version, “But any good feelings and nostalgia are completely nuked by the awful controls (we were promised GTA 5 shooting, Claude still can’t vault), misspellings, atrocious character models, terrible weather features (rain is impossible to see through) scaled back radio and failures to fix glitches and missteps from the original series. Do not buy.”

    Another, reviewing on Switch, opines: “It's hard to believe how they turned three absolute classics into a pile of garbage. Rockstar and Take2 don't give a damn about gamers and their expectations as long as the money keeps flowing into their pockets. The Switch has gotten so many terrific ports of AAA games, but this is an insult. I'm glad I put my money into Fire Emblem Three Houses instead of buying this junk at full price.”

    Grim tidings for Rockstar but in many ways even worse for excited fans of the series who can’t even purchase the original titles on Steam anymore (let alone mod or enjoy the benefits of mods). We’ll see what steps, if any, Rockstar and parent company Take Two Interactive take to address these issues.

    I’ve reached out to Rockstar for comment and will update this article when and if I hear back.

    Have you played the remasters yet? What’s your take—are gamers overreacting or is this really as bad as everyone is saying?

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