European Challenger League 2021, the Mkers in the playoffs are played for access to the final

European Challenger League 2021, the Mkers in the playoffs are played for access to the final

European Challenger League 2021

While waiting for the strongest teams in the world to compete in the last major Rainbow Six: Siege major of the year in mid-November, the best European teams are playing for a place in the sun during the European Challenger League 2021, the continental tournament that allows to enter the European Legue, the most important continental tournament.

To keep the Italian colors high are, once again, the Mkers. The Roman team, despite being divided between this tournament and the PG Nationals, have managed to access the second phase of the European Challenger League 2021 without major problems and aim once again to prove that they are one of the most formidable teams in all of Europe. Unfortunately for them they will have to do it through the lower bracket, having lost the first round of the playoffs.

Let's find out how these first days of competitions of the European Challenger League 2021 went.

The groups

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Group A

In group A there were two teams clearly favored over the others: the Ukin and the Totem Esports. Both organizations renewed their roster, but they did so with level profiles. MnM Gaming, in fact, last edition failed the Relegations match against the Rogues to earn a permanent place in the European League. Adding the former NAVI Leon "in the" Pesic to the team only strengthened their chances of winning.

Even the Totems did not have major difficulties during their group: the only defeat was they suffered against MnM Gaming, who thus won first place in the group. In third place came the Polish of who overtook the Riddle Esports 7-3.

Group B

Group B was dominated by the still unbeaten French Helios Gaming. The transalpine team has been recognized for curious game strategies and particular banning choices (for example they have banned an operator who is not selectable at the tournament level, but evidently these moves have sufficiently disoriented the opponents who have not been able to find countermeasures.

The other team that won the playoffs are the Viperio 86 who won the last match of the group against the Germans Ovation eSports. They did it thanks to an excellent defense that allowed to the only point scored to be the decisive one for the victory.

The classification of the European Challenger League 2021

Group C

Group C could have been the most balanced of this first phase so much so that French Nubbles, a team made up of former Team Chaos members, failed to rank in the playoffs like the WYLDEs. Former Sissi State Punks members, after winning the GSA League, finished last.

To advance are the French Acend and DeathroW who, thanks to two victories and one defeat, managed to overtake the feared adversaries. In first position are the DeathroWs thanks to two solid defeats: the Acends have won one round only in extra time, thus earning 2 points.

Group D

Come to this European Challenger League 2021 as one of the teams to beat, especially due to the exceptional 2021 they experienced, the Mkers had to face a real iron group to access the next phase of the Playoffs. Despite a shocking start against Team Goskilla, who beat them in extra time, the Italians were able to recover by placing two clear victories in the following matches.

Behind them there was a balanced fight between the GoSkilla and the HellRaisers. The Russians prevailed, despite the same number of points, thanks to a more favorable difference in rounds won.

GAMMA Gaming has stopped in last position, unable to obtain a single victory in the group despite being one of the most popular and experienced teams in the tournament


The logo of the European League, the championship that all Challengers would like to reach The eight teams that have had the opportunity to access the playoffs have already clashed in the first round of the playoffs. HR, DeathroW, TTM and MnM won their Bo3 match by entering the next round for Upper Bracket. Tonight, November 1st 2021 starting at 6pm they will discover the two teams that will participate in the final on November 22nd.

On November 5th, however, the Helios will challenge the VIPs, while the Mkers will have to beat the Acends to keep the hopes and reach the final on 25 November along the very hard lower bracket. Should they pass, on November 18th the Italians will have to face the loser of TTM against MnM.

All matches are streamed live on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel (found above).

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