EA: NFT and blockchain are the future of the gaming industry, for the CEO

EA: NFT and blockchain are the future of the gaming industry, for the CEO


According to the words of the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, the importance of NFT and blockchain in the videogame market will become more and more important over time, so much so that they practically define them as the future of the industry.

The statements of the CEO are arrived during EA's latest financial report, where among other things we learned that the company recorded its second best Q2 ever thanks to FIFA 22 and Apex Legends. For the occasion, he stated that NFT and blockchain will have an important role in the videogame industry and that they basically lend themselves well to the type of games and live service services made by the company.

"I believe that in the context of videogames that We create and of the live services we offer, collectible digital content will play an important role in our future. So, it's still early to say for sure, but I think we're in a really good position from that point of view, "says Wilson. "I believe they will be an important part of the future of our industry, but it is still early to understand they will evolve."

Electronic Arts Blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly realities that are quickly establishing themselves, even in the gaming market. Ubisoft has also recently spoken out on this topic, stating that they want to create their own blockchain-based games. Likewise, Square Enix will also invest heavily in NFT and blockchain.

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