Bonus Terme 2021: how to request it? The guide for booking

Bonus Terme 2021: how to request it? The guide for booking

Bonus Terme 2021

After the long series of bonuses granted by the state, from November 8 the Spa Bonus also arrives, which guarantees 100% discount on the purchase of the selected spa services up to a maximum of 200 euros. The bonus can be requested by citizens by booking directly at the chosen spa and which from 12 noon on 28 October can be accredited on the Invitalia digital platform. So let's see how the Bonus Terme 2021 works and all the timing and requirements for accreditation.

Bonus Terme 2021: requirements, operation and affiliated facilities

What is it? How does it work? Who can request it? The requirements How does it work for the spa? List of affiliated facilities

Bonus Terme, what is it?

To relaunch the spas, the Ministry of Economic Development takes the field with the allocation of 53 million euros and a new incentive, sanctioned in the decree of the 1st July 2021 and provided for by article 29-bis of decree-law no. 104 of 2020. This incentive for the purchase of spa services, or more simply Spa Bonus, is a benefit that citizens can benefit from by booking the chosen spa service (including wellness and beauty services) at an accredited facility.

The spa bonus translates into a 100% discount on the service purchased, up to a maximum of 200.00 euros. If the cost of the service exceeds € 200.00, the citizen will be required to pay only the excess.

Bonus Terme: how does it work?

How to apply for the Bonus Terme 2021? For once the procedure seems extremely simple. All that interested citizens will have to do is book, from 8 November, the service (or services) chosen at one of the affiliated spa facilities and ask to take advantage of the bonus. The spa structure will issue the citizen with a booking certificate valid for 60 days within which the services must be used.

In practice, the affiliated spas are called and you can book by asking for the Bonus Terme, nothing easier .

Bonus Terme: who can request it? Requirements

The Terme 2021 Bonus can be requested ONLY by adult citizens residing in Italy. However, this is not the only specific of the decree, so here is a list with all the requirements and limitations provided for the concession:

The concession can only be granted by adult citizens residing in Italy; In order to take advantage of the benefit, the spa services must not be subject to additional benefits already recognized to the user, or already paid for by the National Health Service (SSN) or other public bodies; Each citizen will be able to take advantage of a bonus of 200.00 euros which is personal and cannot be transferred to others, either free of charge or in exchange for money; The bonus can be requested without limits imposed by the ISEE or the family unit. The bonus is not valid for catering and hospitality services even if they are located within the spa complex (bars, hotels, etc ...); The bonus, on the other hand, remains valid for wellness and beauty services (massages, manicures, etc ...) if the affiliated structure provides for them.

Bonus Terme: how does it work for the thermal institution?

The thermal institution, in order to grant the bonus to the applicant citizen, must first be accredited by accessing, via SPID, the Invitalia platform which will be made available by October 28, 2021.

To be accredited, the spa structure must possess the following requisites described by the Ministerial Decree of July 1, 2021:

Be registered in the business register; Possess the code ATECO 2007 96.04.20 “Thermal establishments”. Invitalia will verify the documentation sent (a copy of the authorization to open the spa activity and the substitutive certification declarations) and will accredit the spa facility.

In this way, from 8 November, the institution will be able to start collecting reservations from citizens by issuing reservation certificates. You can then request Invitalia, again via the digital platform, for the reimbursement of the bonuses used by citizens.

Bonus Terme: the affiliated facilities

As regards the list of affiliated facilities (currently beyond 100 throughout Italy), you can find the complete list of accredited bodies at this link, with a practical system that allows you to view the spas available for each region.

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