TV Scrapping Bonus 2021: how does it work and how is it requested?

TV Scrapping Bonus 2021: how does it work and how is it requested?

TV Scrapping Bonus 2021

Starting from August 23, the new TV Scrapping Bonus is available, created with the aim of providing consumers with valid economic support if they decide to renew their devices in view of the frequency change that will take place next June 2022.

From next summer, in fact, over 15 million TVs will become obsolete and will no longer be able to receive the new Digital Terrestrial channels. But how is it achieved? What limitations are there and what is the deadline? Let's go in order.

TV Scrap Bonus 2021: what does it consist of?

The TV Scrap Bonus is an incentive to facilitate the purchase of new devices compatible with the DVB-T2 HECV MAIN standard 10 which will be active from next June. The discount allows you to get a 20% discount on the purchase price of the TV, for a maximum amount of 100 euros. To take advantage of the discount, however, it is necessary to scrap your device (which must have been purchased before December 22, 2018).

Scrapping can take place directly from the participating retailers, delivering the old TV to purchase , or at the authorized ecological islands also known as WEEE. If the disposal takes place in an ecological island, it is necessary to validate a form that certifies the successful (and correct) disposal.

TV Scrapping Bonus 2021: who can request it?

To join the initiative, it is necessary to comply with some specific requirements:

be Italian citizens (without any ISEE limit); properly scrapping your TV; be up-to-date with the payment of the fee (a requirement not envisaged for those over 75). The incentive is therefore open to everyone without any income limit and is added (cumulative) to the previous TV - Decoder Bonus which still remains in force. While the new Bonus, as anticipated, does not provide for ISEE limits, the previous one is reserved for families with ISEE not exceeding 20 thousand euros. To request it, all you have to do is fill in the application form available on the Mise website. We specify that the bonus is paid in the form of a discount applied directly during the purchase phase

TV Scrapping Bonus 2021: how to check if the TV needs to be changed

If the TV was purchased later December 22, 2018 is certainly compatible with the new standard; however to check further and in more detail it is necessary to tune to channels 100 and 200. Should the message “Test HECV Main10” appear then the TV is fully supported. Otherwise it is advisable to try to tune the channels, if it still does not work it is necessary to replace the TV (or the decoder). The Ministry has also drawn up a list of devices that will allow you to take advantage of the discount at the time of purchase, a list that you can find at this address.

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TV Scrapping Bonus 2021: resources

The overall allocation foreseen for the TV Scrapping Bonus fund is approximately € 250 million. The incentive will be available until December 31, 2022 or when all allocated resources are exhausted.

2021 TV Scrap Bonus: Can I buy on Amazon?

Unless last minute changes, Amazon does not joins the initiative. Those who want to take advantage of the 2021 TV Scrapping Bonus will necessarily have to go elsewhere such as on Unieuro or Mediaworld. The reason is quickly explained: the mechanism of the 2021 TV Scrapping Bonus provides for specific methods of adhesion and only upon delivery (or certification of regular disposal) of the previous TV is it possible to receive the bonus.

While Unieuro, Mediaworld and many others have already organized their own local offices, Amazon which does not have stores is not compatible with the initiative. This inevitably could also be supported by Amazon but further checks not foreseen at the moment would be necessary.

Some online stores have already prepared information pages in which the TV and decoder models compatible with the HECV MAIN 10 standard are collected and that you can buy using the state incentive. Mediaworld, for example, has prepared a specific page in which it has collected all the best offers on compatible TVs from which you can choose the most suitable product for you and Unieuro has also decided to take a similar path.

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