Black Friday 2021: the best gaming chairs

Black Friday 2021: the best gaming chairs

Black Friday 2021

Every King needs his throne, and what better thrones than gaming chairs for a gamer looking for savings? Black Friday 2021 is approaching inexorably, but Amazon has already started its bidding and cost cutting operation. For this reason we have decided to select a series of gaming chairs at a drop in price or at a discount, an article that will always be updated until the fateful day of Black Friday. Whether you use video games as a pure hobby or are an esports professional, your back definitely needs the comforts of a good chair designed specifically for gaming sessions. On average, a gamer spends 2 to 5 hours a day in front of a screen: they seem few, but accumulated from month to month they can easily make you feel the need to find more comfortable solutions.

Choosing a good gaming chair means say take care of your body to say goodbye to back, leg or neck pain. However, there are gaming chairs that can better adapt to different needs, so we have selected chairs with different characteristics. The first characteristic to take into account is the composition of the materials; most gaming chairs are in fabric or leather / imitation leather, two configurations that not only make up the aesthetic part of the product but also perform precise functions: a fabric chair is generally cheaper, but is better resistant to heat; on the other hand, a leather or eco-leather chair can be difficult in very hot climates, with the seat that can become the surface of a lit barbecue if you are not careful.

Another important feature for choosing a gaming chair is certainly the adjustment: backrests, seat height or even armrests, many aspects of a gaming chair can be adjusted according to the player's needs. Some gaming chairs, for example, even allow a backrest angle of up to 180 degrees, while others are adaptable to seat large people without problems, both in height and weight. In short, unlike a traditional chair, gaming chairs are precisely designed to accompany gaming sessions in complete comfort. Finally, another feature to consider is the presence of additional supports such as lumbar cushions, head rests, foot rests and other types of supplements made to improve posture or simply to help your comfort during play sessions.

Before starting to view the products we have proposed, take a tour of the guide to the best gaming chairs of 2021, the best gaming chairs and the best gaming smart TVs of Black Friday 2021.

Gaming chairs, the best of Black Friday 2021

Oversteel ULTIMET, the cheapest

Let's start our examination of the best gaming chairs with the Oversteel ULTIMET, a gaming with an advanced ergonomic design and with an economic value that does not demand too much from the player's wallet. The fabrics are made of high quality nylon and imitation leather, while the padding is made of high density foam. Lumbar and neck cushions are also available to help provide maximum comfort during longer gaming sessions. The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, with the backrest folding up to 180 °. The ULTIMET, available on Amazon in 4 different colors, is recommended for those who are trying to migrate to an ergonomic seat trying not to spend too much and not turn a blind eye to an attractive design.

»See offer on chair Gaming Oversteel ULTIMET blue

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»See offer on Gaming chair Oversteel ULTIMET violet

GTPLAYER GT002, the most elegant

GTPLAYER gaming chairs probably have the most intriguing design of all the products on this list: many colors to choose from, sinuous shapes and aggressive cuts as a real product for gaming. GTPLAYER is a brand that since its foundation in 2011 has delivered beautiful models of racing-style gaming chairs to the world of video games, with an eye also to the comfort of the players. Specifically, the GTPLAYER GT002 chairs have a metal structure that gives strength to the entire seat, capable of supporting a maximum load of 135 kg thanks also to the 5-pointed star base with gas piston. The padding is made of super-consistent cold foam able to adapt its shapes to those of the player, thus ensuring amplified comfort. The GT002 chair is also sold together with a lumbar cushion complete with vibration massage and height-adjustable head cushions. The real highlight of this model of gaming chair, however, is certainly the design, sporty and elegant at the same time, therefore able to adapt to both gaming and office contexts. It is no coincidence that this is the product with the most colors available in this guide!

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AutoFull, for pro gamer

Let's start to level up with AutoFull gaming chairs, professional products and official sponsors of several international esports leagues and some professional teams. The design of the AutoFull adapts ergonomically to the players' body ensuring a practically perfect gaming experience: adjustable and flexible head cushions, detachable lumbar cushions, multi-functions including 360-degree rotation, 25-degree swing, lockable backrests at any angle between 90 and 150 degrees and even height-adjustable armrests. Also as regards the materials we speak of high quality, with cushions with important thicknesses and resilience, matchable imitation leather with carbon fiber for a more comfortable tactility than normal leather, and base covered in nylon. The structure of the AutoFull chairs are designed specifically for gamers from long sessions, with a load of sustainable weight up to 150 kg.

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Aroizzi Verona V2 Pro, the most resistant

Aroizzi has perfected the traditional experience of gaming chairs bringing them to extreme quality with the Verona V2 Pro model. Aroizzi's Swedish designers have integrated the features of the lines of the most successful models that have marked the history of the company to create an innovative, ergonomic and elegant design where the user is at the center of control and comfort. The Verona V2 Pro chair has all the most desirable ergonomic features: padded seat with high density foam, adjustable armrests, additional back and neck supports, and infinite adjustments and reinforcements for inclination up to 180 degrees, with the possibility of locking the position of the backrest. Everything rests on a solid metal frame that guarantees stability and durability, and is equipped with an innovative class 4 pneumatic gas lift, capable of withstanding up to weights of 130 kg. Strength and style are the key words of this gaming chair.

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HP Omen, the best

Let's come to the highlight of this guide, already super discounted before Black Friday 2021: the HP Omen, a show for eyes but also for your backside! The HP Omen was designed specifically for long gaming sessions, and is therefore able to withstand prolonged use as best as possible. The solid steel base, capable of supporting up to 136 kg in weight, is wrapped in comfortable padding and fabrics that take on different shapes from side to side of the chair: look for example at the quilted texture of the faux leather seat. The comfortable design of the HP Omen offers not only a spacious seat, but also thick cushions and high backrests for the best possible posture of the game, complete with a height-adjustable lumbar cushion. As for the adjustments, the chair is manageable in any way you can think of: beyond the folding backrest and lockable in the desired position, the armrests are adjustable in height and depth, they can rotate inwards and outwards, and they can be approached or moved away from each other. Finally, the metal trolley with large wheels allows a soft glide on any surface without damaging it.

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