Nintendo Switch Cases, the best | September 2021

Nintendo Switch Cases, the best | September 2021

Nintendo Switch Cases

Launched in the not too distant 2017, Nintendo Switch immediately established itself as the perfect meeting point between home and mobile gaming, becoming the faithful companion of many gamers during their travels and indifferently sitting in the living rooms and in the bags thanks to the dual mode of use. It is no mystery, in fact, that the greatest strength of the small hybrid console lies precisely in its great versatility, a trait that allows you to carry it with you at any time: although it is a more resistant console than it appears, however, Switch can be subject to falls and impacts of any kind, which can cause aesthetic or functional damage. To avoid running into unpleasant situations, therefore, it is highly recommended to protect your Nintendo Switch with a case, which allows you to keep the console safe at all times.

In the guide you are about to read, therefore, we have compiled a list of the best cases for Nintendo Switch, dividing them according to very simple functional characteristics: you will find, therefore, classic cases, suitable for the standard model of the console, those for Nintendo Switch Lite, or the only portable variant of the Japanese hybrid, and those of the type "briefcase" or "travel bag", which can adapt to both variants of the console and sometimes also be used as real bags in which to store small objects. Before starting, we remind you that on our pages you can also find a guide dedicated to the best accessories for Nintendo Switch, one dedicated to the best anime video games, one dedicated to the best Western role-playing games and one to the best Japanese role-playing games.

Nintendo Switch Cases

Nintendo Switch Classic Case Nintendo Switch Case Nintendo Switch Travel Bag Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Nintendo Switch Classic Case

The cases dedicated to the classic version of Nintendo Switch are the first to be placed on the market and are therefore the best known, also because of their simplicity and small size. These types of cases are usually designed to hold the console in portable mode with the joy-cons connected, and often contain a space inside to insert a variable number of cartridges. Even the cost, which varies according to the materials with which they are made, is generally lower than the more voluminous cases, making them the ideal options for those who do not need to move the console together with all its accessories.

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Nintendo Switch briefcase

The briefcase-sized cases are instead ideal in case you don't want to give up any of the Nintendo Switch accessories when you leave home, perhaps for go on a long journey. Specifically, therefore, these are containers that sacrifice a little size and practicality in the name of greater convenience, since with these you will not have to "leave behind" practically anything. Almost all of them offer as standard a space for the Switch dock, for the power supply and for cables (which allows you to take advantage of the HDMI output to connect the console to a TV even outside the home, perhaps when you have to go on vacation) , but many allow you to cram inside them also a couple of additional joy-con, including lanyards, and above all many cartridges.

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Nintendo Switch travel bag

Nintendo Switch branded travel bags are a perfect alternative to briefcases, and are perfect for those who travel a lot and want not only an "all-in-one" solution to protect their console, but also something that can also be worn as an item of clothing and be safely used as a qu any shoulder bag or fanny pack. It is therefore a conceptually different solution from the others, which, depending on how you want to organize the interior space, can be combined with any standard enclosure. The reason why we recommend them is linked to the fact that very often these bags, as well as being very well made, divide the internal space according to the Switch accessories, which makes them suitable specifically for the Nintendo console, allowing you while carrying a small tablet or smartphone.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Case

How to forget Nintendo Switch Lite, the uniquely portable variant of Nintendo Switch, released on the market in 2019 ? Since its arrival on the shelves of stores, Nintendo Switch Lite - also thanks to its success - has required the production of an entire set of accessories dedicated to her, including in particular cases able to adapt to her form factor and her dimensions, smaller than those of the older sister. The cases for Switch Lite, therefore, are characterized by generally smaller dimensions than those of the standard model, and this allows them to be transported more easily in a bag, also adapting well to the needs of children. Here too, however, there is no shortage of slightly larger cases, able to contain a few more accessories, such as cartridges, in-ear headphones, additional joy-con and so on.

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How to choose the best cases for Nintendo Switch

Choosing a case for Nintendo Switch, fishing among the many models on the market, can be an operation not as immediate as you think: for this reason, here are three simple tips that can help you in choice, orienting yourself between the size of the case and the features offered and comparing them with your needs.


Trivially, the most important thing to consider when choosing a case are the its size. You have to carefully consider what you need: a compact and portable case, that you can carry around in a small backpack without too many problems, or, if you don't have space problems, for a slightly larger one? Or even an entire backpack specifically designed to carry the Switch and its accessories? Carefully evaluate the purchase, even for your children: children, in fact, may find it more convenient a case that is as small as possible, regardless of the characteristics.

Shape and destination of use

Point strictly connected to the previous one: when you buy a case for Switch, the shape is an element not to be underestimated at all, as it makes it, depending on the case, more or less portable and functional. You also need to take into account what you want to carry inside: if you need a case to also carry the Switch dock, for example, opting for a briefcase is practically mandatory, while if you want to put together the console, your phone or tablet and you could also opt for a backpack for something else.

Organization of space and sturdiness

Many, buying a case, forget to evaluate the materials with which it was built. A well designed case is both very robust and capable of exploiting the available space in a rational way, without internal "gaps", which in those cases would be filled with (for example) pockets for cartridges or other small compartments and compartments in which insert the joy-con and their lanyards. Having a case of this type, in which in a small space you can put as many things as possible, also allows you not to make the console "dance" too much inside, further reducing the risk of small accidental bumps.

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