LiS: True Colors - Review-Bombing of Chinese players on Steam

LiS: True Colors - Review-Bombing of Chinese players on Steam


Actually, the newest part of the Life is Strange franchise, True Colors, got pretty good ratings. Even players are mostly satisfied, on Steam the title achieved a "very positive" with 85% positive ratings from a total of over 1500 user reviews (as of September 12, 14:50). How we liked the game, of course, you can find out in our detailed review.

But not all share this point of view. A number of Chinese players have made it their mission to rate Life is Strange: True Colors (buy now 59.99 €) negatively on Steam. And "flag" is the keyword here in several ways, because it is not about the fact that the story or the gameplay does not suit them.

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How a flag became an excitement

The reason for the hail of negative reviews is a Tibetan flag in the game. Haven Springs, the setting for Life is Strange: True Colors, is home to a shop called Treasures of Tibet, which adorns the appropriate flag. However, it is also used by the Tibetan independence movement and is banned in China. As PC Gamer reports, many Chinese gamers feel attacked by it and therefore criticize the game.

"The game contains elements of Tibetan independence that imply a separation from China. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet have been Chinese territories for ages. No matter what the obsolete thinks, they will come back to Main country. I suggest the NEETs read more books, stop being stupid and find a job to support themselves financially. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet will always be part of China, "was one of the negative reviews .

Many discourses in China are still more than delicate and either banned or avoided wherever possible. This can be applied to the game culture there, as (not only) the review bomb for Life is Strange: True Colors shows. Recently, China significantly restricted the playing time for young people in online games and now wants to ban "unmanly" content from games as the next the title of the press Are you still unsure whether you want to play Life is Strange: True Colors? Maybe our overview of the reviews will help you. 0

China now also bans "unmanly" video games

China's government would like to have all "unmanly" content removed from video games, as reported by the Xinhua news agency. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1379458,1379448,1379334'; Source: PC Gamer / Steam

Jorge Lis dead at 46: Ex-motorcyclist who refused Covid vaccine dies of coronavirus after six weeks in intensive care

A FORMER Spanish motorcycle rider who refused to take the Covid vaccine has died from coronavirus, aged 46.

Jorge Lis, who had embraced Covid denial theories during the pandemic, came runner-up in the Spanish 125cc category in 1996.

Former motorcycle rider Jorge Lis has passed away after a six-week battle in hospital


Former motorcycle rider Jorge Lis has passed away after a six-week battle in hospitalCredit:

He later went on to become an agent for motorbike riders and coaches, but his life was tragically cut short due to coronavirus after six weeks in intensive care.

Last month, his sister Elena revealed a WhatsApp message she had received from him on July 13 in which he stated his regret at not getting the vaccine.

It said: 'This week was suddenly one of my biggest life lessons.

'Spending a lot of time on Twitter etc. had radicalized me to the extreme. I should have been vaccinated.'

Just a few days after the message, Lis was admitted to hospital.

Elena also released a letter urging for everyone in the country to get the vaccine.

Live Blog

Ana Barcelo, a councillor for health of the Valencian Community, sent his condolences following Lis' death.

He also praised Elena's decision to send a public letter to the people of Spain urging them to take the vaccine.

Barcelo said: 'Sadness for the news of Jorge's death. The testimony of his sister helps to save lives.'

Spain's coronavirus death toll has crept above 85,000, while the global number of deaths from Covid is now more than 4.5million.

Olympic boxer and European bronze medallist Vasile Belous dead at 33 after car crash in Moldova

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