How the spa bonus for everyone works without limits Isee

How the spa bonus for everyone works without limits Isee

It is enough to be an adult and resident in Italy to access a 100% discount on spa services in accredited facilities, up to a maximum of 200 euros

The relaxation area of ​​a spa (photo by René Boinski from Pixabay) A spa bonus of 53 million euros in total for the purchase of spa services, with concessions of up to 200 euros for citizens: this was established by a decree of the Ministry of Economic Development, published in the Official Journal. All adults residing in Italy can use it, without Isee limits and linked to the family unit. Everyone must use only one bonus, which consists of a 100% discount on the purchase price of the chosen spa services, up to a maximum of 200 euros, then paying any excess of the cost.

The bonus will be available at accredited spas, excluding those already paid by the National Health Service, other public bodies or subject to additional benefits recognized to the user, without prejudice to any tax deductions on the cost of the service that may not be covered by the voucher. Which will not constitute the user's taxable income and not relevant for the purposes of calculating the Isee value; moreover, it cannot be transferred to third parties either free of charge or against payment of money.

The reservation must be made at the selected facility, which will issue the reservation certificate. This will have a validity period of 60 days from its issue, therefore the booked services must be used within this period of time. Subsequently, the spa that will have provided the service will request the refund of the value of the voucher used by the citizen through a special IT platform. The list of accredited establishments will be published on the websites of the ministry and Invitalia, the National Development Agency. The incentive will be available starting from the publication - on the two institutional portals - of the notice of opening reservations until the allocated resources are exhausted.

The intervention aims to support a sector particularly affected by the Covid emergency , but it is possible that for users it will turn into a re-edition of the click day in a new guise, in the race for the bonus. Furthermore, he was criticized by Codacons, because - according to a calculation by the consumers' association - "only 265 thousand lucky people" will be able to benefit from the incentive regardless of their income, given the resources put in place by the measure and the lack of Isee thresholds.

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