The entire map of Gta 5 faithfully reproduced with a 3D print

The entire map of Gta 5 faithfully reproduced with a 3D print

The incredible data collection and printing work done by an American creative to recreate every single building and topographical relief

(Photo: Dom Riccobene) The creative Dom Riccobene wanted to pay homage to one of his favorite titles with a real work of art: a faithful and extremely detailed representation of the entire map of Gta 5, after a long work of data collection in the game and a subsequent printing of every single building, road and relief thanks to 3D printers.

The most difficult step of the entire process was not that of production, but rather the collection of data: Riccobene, in fact, traveled every single meter in the game to detect the topographical ones, just like in reality, using a special script developed ad hoc to obtain all possible information. Since many areas are inaccessible and you have to deal with various dangers, the creative has used the various mods to be unassailable, to remove all the water from rivers, lakes and coasts and, above all, to move faster.

The result? 500 million individual points placed on the farm in 300 hours, which formed a solid basis for the digital representation of the world of Rockstar Game. This raw information has been blended with realistic gps coordinates to achieve realistic latitudes, longitudes and elevations like those found in world 1.0.

Map of San Andreas for #FanArtFriday # GTA5 #GTAOnline # 3dprinting pic / FdUfoquyvF

- Dom Riccobene (@DomRiccobene) August 6, 2021

He then divided the map into various sections, each of which was printed in times ranging from an hour and a half to 12, depending on the complexity of the reliefs and the necessary chromatic nuances. The urban environment was the most difficult to reproduce, with its skyscrapers, intersections of streets and elevated walkways. After another 125 hours, the work was completed. The next goal will be to reproduce the even more complex map of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Despite being released eight years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still played by millions of fans and is often the focus of experiments and creative projects. Suffice it to mention the recent test to improve the graphics of the virtual world thanks to machine learning systems that make the game a real mirror of reality. One of the secrets of the success of the Rockstar Games title is a constant update, especially of the multiplayer platform Gta Online, which has set the remarkable record of surviving an entire generation of consoles. And Gta 6? It promises sparks, but the wait may still be long before we can play it on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X / S systems.

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