Instagram Shops begins testing product advertisements

Instagram Shops begins testing product advertisements

A new advertising product lands on Instagram: sponsorships of products offered for sale directly on the ecommerce of the social network, Instagram Shops. The novelty is being tested in the United States

Instagram shops (image: Facebook) Instagram continues to invest energy in its e-commerce business, Instagram Shops. The latest move of the social network sees the launch of a new product that will allow sellers to advertise their products on the app.

Ads in Instagram Shops is a product still in the testing phase but, as reported from TechCrunch, the company said the new feature will include both single images, and the option to publish a slideshow. In this test phase, a small number of advertisers in the United States were selected to try the product in view of an expansion to other markets expected in the coming months.

Instagram Shops launched in full 2020 pandemic when small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to rediscover the importance of using the web in order to continue selling their products. The idea of ​​e-commerce implemented by Facebook on its social networks has foreseen the importance of the social factor right from the start. These platforms, in fact, exploit the connections between contacts to allow users to be able to follow their favorite brands and creators directly in order to stay up to date on the products on sale.

Obviously this type of structure also lends itself to Facebook advertising model. In fact, brands and creators can get wider coverage by sponsoring their products in order to reach as many customers as possible.

Menlo Park explained that, like other Instagram advertising products, Ads in Instagram Shop will be launched with an auction-based model. Ads will only appear on mobile devices, as the Instagram Shop tab is a feature not available on the desktop version of Instagram. Furthermore, the number of ads viewed by an individual consumer will depend on their use of Instagram and how many people shop through the seller's shop.

Facebook, finally, plans to monitor consumers' reaction to this novelty at in order to balance ads and contents avoiding to make too much advertising weigh on the social network. The company has not yet disclosed the exact time window in which it intends to release the ads publicly, but says the plan is to expand the new format to advertisers in other non-US markets in the coming months.

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