10 podcasts to review in view of maturity

10 podcasts to review in view of maturity

From history to mathematics, from philosophy to science, here is a series of programs to listen to in order to review the subjects of the state exam in an alternative way

(Photo: Getty Images) The 2021 baccalaureate is always closer. For the review in view of the only oral test on June 16, we have selected 10 educational podcasts to continue studying, without necessarily sitting at home at the desk. Listening is a fundamental part of learning.

Alessandro Barbero's podcast

Alessandro Barbero's is probably one of the most famous podcasts in Italy. In this collection of lectures, Professor Barbero, professor of medieval history at the University of Eastern Piedmont, tells the more or less known aspects of history: from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age. In the over 130 episodes it is possible to find insights on the world wars, on the history of resistance in Italy or on the cold war. The professor's narrative style is engaging, rhythmic and full of curiosities perfect for fixing information in memory.


Bistory is another history podcast, but specializing in particular on biographies. Mery Shelly, Arthur Rimbaud, Leopoldo II, Yukio Mishima and many others, are told in episodes of about 30 minutes, together with the context and the most important historical events that occurred during their lives. Bistory is a project by Andrea W. Castellanza and Sebastian Paolo Righi.


Barbasophia is the philosophy podcast of Matteo Saudino, philosophy professor at the Giordano Bruno high school in Turin. His goal is to explain that philosophy is not boring, quite the contrary. The podcast can be listened to on Spreaker, Spotify or Youtube where there are also video lessons. The contents are perfect for reviewing any part of the philosophy program and Saudino's passion is truly engaging.

Unveiled Art

Unveiled Art is a platform for reviewing the entire history of art, from ancient civilizations to contemporary design. The site contains podcasts divided by historical period, video lessons, articles and vast galleries of images. The project was created and is managed by Giuseppe Nifosì, art and architecture historian and PhD in History of architecture and urban planning.


Scientificast è the first independent scientific podcast in Italy. Its members are physicists, virologists, biologists and other professionals in the field. The platform offers from podcasts to scientific articles and you can really find everything: astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics. The product is designed for a non-expert audience and the style is popular.

Mathematics is not a problem

Mathematics is not a problem is a podcast on mathematics, which is not presents as a collection of real didactic topics. Rather, it is presented as an in-depth content, in which mathematics is explained through a unitary story, with demonstrations, practical cases and anecdotes about the characters who have marked this scientific sector. It is held by Stefano Pasquero, professor of mathematics at the University of Parma, and consists of 13 episodes.

Learn English

Learn English is a platform managed by the British Council, a British cultural organization present in 110 countries around the world, offering several podcasts to review English at various levels. You can take advantage of various services, including video lessons and interactive tests with automatic correction. It is also possible to check your English level and then be directed to the most suitable material.

School radio

School radio is one of the most complete podcasts for school reviews. Produced by Radio 3, it offers dozens of podcasts on art, civics, philosophy, literature and Italian language, foreign literature, music, science and history. The conductors and presenters are professional speakers such as Anna Maria Giordano, Pietro Del Soldà, Monica D'Onofrio, Clementina Palladini and Cristiana Faloci.


Always Radio 3, in collaboration with the 'Treccani encyclopedia, has created Maturadio, a series of specific podcasts for the final exams ranging from Greek and Latin to mathematics and science.


LessonPod is one of the Most listened to podcasts in Italy in 2020. Contains a collection of short summaries of history, art and literature, suitable for a quick review. The episodes last between 5 and 15 minutes and are accompanied by small in-depth texts, practically a sort of Bignami but to listen to.

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