The Last Oricru, the preview: half Dark Souls and half Mass Effect, with the coop!

The Last Oricru, the preview: half Dark Souls and half Mass Effect, with the coop!

The Last Oricru, the preview

Of the Prime Matter series, through which Koch Media will try to bring unknown but potentially interesting titles to the fore, The Last Oricru is undoubtedly one of the most promising. We are faced with an RPG that tries to combine elements already seen, but with a totally different dosage from the usual: let's find out in the preview of The Last Oricru.

Between science fiction and fantasy

Some settings of The Last Oricru The Last Oricru begins with our character imprisoned in a sort of energy cell, guards grazing attentively in the surroundings in what looks like a large room with sacred connotations. In these first bars the camera is in first person, perfect to show all our intolerance up close: we complain, we try to attract the attention of the jailers and luckily we succeed. One of the strange armed humanoids approaches, opens the cage that keeps us trapped and with his inlaid spear tries to put us out of action for good. Fade to black and ... when the screen comes back on, two surprises await us: The Last Oricru is not at all first-person and not even a strictly science fiction game as some elements had led us to think.

Choices and doubts

The Last Oricru: Medieval warriors and sci-fi energy flows, an original and tempting duo. fantasy past and a dusty and enigmatic future. The camera is now at a safe distance, guaranteeing a complete view of the character and the scenario not exactly rich in detail, but undeniably inspired. We start with three questions: who am I, why am I here and why am I suddenly free? To solve the triple question, we have an experience that will unfold between fights, puzzles and fundamental choices. The Last Oricru is one of those games that does not bother to cut levels and settings based on the player's decision, perhaps this will partially limit its longevity, but according to the developers this setting will allow us to radically change the course of the events narrated. .

Two warring factions

The Last Oricru: Graphically we shouldn't expect out-of-scale quality, but the game still seems to compensate well with style The world we ended up in is dominated by two different races at war with each other, and as often happens in similar contexts it will be up to us to decide with whom to join our forces. Depending on what we decide to do, our relationship with the present sides will change dynamically, also changing the behavior they will have towards us. A friendly faction character could help us if he sees us in danger, offer us special quests, or otherwise attack us on sight. After several chats with some NPCs, it's finally time for the action and here, The Last Oricru, picks up the pace and style brought to popularity by From Software and its so-called "Souls". An inspiration, we admit, a little too present among the selection made by Koch Media for Prime Matter games, but which in this case presents some rather interesting nuances

Two is better?

The Last Oricru: we can play alone or with a friend, on the same console or online. That's enough to make this project very interesting. The most important is that The Last Oricru, much to our surprise, is not just a single player game but can be played completely in pairs with a friend. We still don't know how the narrative choices will work, for example if there will be the host who will decide for both or some other more democratic formula, but in combat and exploration it is clear that the coop has played a very important role in the design phase. .

Many of the puzzles shown, even if they can be solved alone, were undoubtedly also designed in a multiplayer perspective, as well as some basic mechanics, such as opening certain doors that, without the right timing of a player, could fatally injure the other. Each defeated enemy will leave on the battlefield the essence necessary to increase the capabilities of our hero, but as regards the equipment, the statistics will be practically absent; what we find on this planet can be improved indefinitely, to the point that we will be able to complete the adventure even with the first weapon we will find around, and the same will be true for armor. Magic is also present in The Last Oricru, although at the moment it is still shrouded in mystery.

A calibrated game

The Last Oricru: how are we in the atmosphere? Pretty good, what do you think? Graphically we are clearly dealing with a medium caliber game. The Last Oricru is quite stingy in details, but the characterization of the world and its enigmatic characters seems to fill the gap left by a budget certainly not of the highest order. The developers seem to have worked around the production limits to which they had to submit, and this is always the smartest approach, we can only hope that they have made the same choice as regards the gameplay: better a title that knows of to be small, exalting what it can do well, rather than a product that tries home-run without having the possibilities, and the demonstration we have recently had with Biomutant.

The release of The Last Oricru is expected in 2022 on PC and console in crossgen format.

This The Last Oricru in short seems really intriguing, of course it is impossible for us to unbalance but if everything goes as expected and the price will be decided with intelligence, Focus could find itself in its hands an intellectual property that has all the credentials to do well.


Coop from start to finish Mix of science fiction and fantasy Choices that change the plot DOUBTS Dated graphics Will they be able to balance everything? Have you noticed any errors?

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