The clock bug is also present on PlayStation 5

The clock bug is also present on PlayStation 5

What has sparked a lot of discussion in the last few hours has been the news that PS4s will stop starting games when the watch's internal battery runs out. Although the discovery was made in March of this year, about a week ago we had concrete confirmation that what we are talking about is a problem that really plagues PS4s around the world. Fearing for the worst, a user tried to remove the PlayStation 5's internal clock battery to find out if the same would happen with it too, revealing interesting details.

For the uninitiated, let's talk about a error that does not allow PS4 games to start when the internal battery of the clock is completely discharged due to the inability of trophies to record the exact time when one is unlocked. However, this problem could be avoided simply by connecting to the PlayStation Network, but even in this case there are doubts given that if Sony decides to stop the service in the future the titles will never be bootable again.

In a post on ResetEra a user pointed out that the bug is also present on PlayStation 5, but with different implications. In fact, it would seem that backwards compatible titles do not suffer from this problem on PS5, unlike what happens on PS4. The same user then discovered that some physical version games continue to function normally, while others become impossible to install anyway.

Bad news for those who own a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, as it would appear that all games downloaded from the PlayStation Store will not be able to start. However, although the situation may seem critical, we must take into account some factors: first of all, the same user explained that by reinserting a new battery in the PlayStation 5 everything returns to normal; moreover Sony probably has the possibility to release an update to fix this problem when the console support ends.

In any case, in the worst case a simple repair by Sony should be enough to solve the problem and give everyone the ability to install and run their favorite games. However, we will see how the colosseum decides to answer the questions of users who fear for their titles and their consoles. We look forward to more information, as the creator of the post has promised updates and more testing on the matter.

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