Adam West's Batman from today on Rai 4

Adam West's Batman from today on Rai 4

In the late afternoon yesterday, news arrived that will surely make hardcore DC fans happy. Batman, the legendary series of the 60s with Adam West, is back in the clear on Rai 4!

Adam West's Batman, the details of the return on Rai 4

Batman will return to Rai 4 (digital terrestrial channel 21) starting today Sunday 18 April at 3:50 pm with the first four episodes, and then continue from April 19, 2021 from Monday to Friday at 14:05 with two episodes a day.

The series aired on the ABC network from 12 January 1966 to 14 March 1968 for a total of 120 episodes of approximately 25 minutes each divided into three seasons.

The cast includes Adam West in the lead role Bruce Wayne / Batman, Burt Ward (Dick Grayson / Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred Pennyworth), Neil Hamilton (Commissioner Gordon), Yvonne Craig (Barbara Gordon / Batgirl), Cesar Romero (Joker), Burgess Meredith (Penguin ) and Julie Newmar (Selina Kyle / Catwoman).

At the end of the series, in 1966, a film was made. The series has since had a revival in recent years with two animated films and a comic series called Batman '66.

The good are innocently calm, the bad are innocently enthusiastic. The fact is that comics have long since neutralized the dreary Batman from the golden age of comic books. The film only faithfully presents the contemporary concept. Among the silly quotes from previous serials, built on escapes for a stroke of luck, a brash and conscious parody of both the popular character and, above all, the American Sixties emerges. Including the tense Cold War between the US and the USSR. We see for the first time a Batman who is not afraid of facing political hypocrisy, even at the highest presidential levels. In short, the 1960s camp rises into an art form.

Here is the plot:

Little Bruce Wayne helplessly witnesses the murder of his parents by a thief and swears to himself that from that moment his life will be dedicated to the cause of justice. Having grown up and very rich, Bruce apparently lives without problems in his luxurious Gotham City mansion in the company of young Dick Grayson, Aunt Harriet and butler Alfred. No one suspects that he is the mysterious batman who responds to police calls for help and who, with Robin's help, manages to vanquish entire gangs of thugs. Only trusty Alfred is privy to Bruce's secret. Not even Aunt Hariett suspects which bat-wonders lurk in the bat-villa's underground batons…

For the most discerning, or collectors, the series is available in a blu-ray box on Amazon!

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