PCG Quiz on Sunday # 09: Test your video game general knowledge!

PCG Quiz on Sunday # 09: Test your video game general knowledge!

PCG Quiz on Sunday # 09

Hello, you happy friends of Sunday head smoking, it's time again for the PCG quiz on Sunday! 15 questions, 60 answers, so four per question, but always only one of them correct - otherwise it would be stupid. Your task: answer all of them correctly as possible!

It feels like we've made it especially difficult for you in the past week, this time we tried to choose a trace of simpler questions - but really only a trace. You should still be challenged!

That means: You have to find your way around every nook and cranny of the video game world. Retro and modern games, curious facts, supposed general knowledge, hardware, software, PC, consoles, handhelds and, and, and - everything can be part of the quiz. Are you up to the task and can you answer all 15 questions correctly?

(function (t, e, s, n) {var o, a, c; t.SMCX = t.SMCX || [], e.getElementById (n) || (o = e.getElementsByTagName (s), a = o [o.length-1], c = e.createElement (s), c.type = "text / javascript", c. async =! 0, c.id = n, c.src = "https://widget.surveymonkey.com/collect/website/js/tRaiETqnLgj758hTBazgd1M149Jb_2BbhMcjaGdPCT2mERGrUSsahrsEjgqe_2F9tBsEjgqe_2F9tBsEjgqe_2F9t_2)", (window, document, "script", "smcx-sdk"); Create your own user feedback survey. At this point it should be said again: the Internet is a great place with answers to almost all questions. However, we would advise you not to google it straight away, but just give it a go if you don't know an answer or don't know for sure. And don't forget to tell us how you did in the comments below this article! How many of you can do the full 15/15? If it doesn't work this time, it might work in the coming week - and if you've just stumbled upon the quiz and want to puzzle out more, then try the questions of the past weeks!

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You like strange facts, not just about video games? Then we recommend our podcasts The Nintendo Podcast, Games-Aktuell-Podcast, play-Podcast, buffedCast and Heim Kino, where we regularly digress and chat about the stranger aspects of gaming and the world itself in addition to the actual topics. Have fun!

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