Resident Evil Village | Demo Gameplay Guide

Resident Evil Village | Demo Gameplay Guide

As announced on the night between April 15 and 16, Resident Evil Village can be previewed through three gameplay demos that will cover all the platforms on which the game will be available, starting today. The first of these trial versions will be usable exclusively by PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners and will be made available starting today, April 18, at 19:00.

Before you head down into the exploration of the village that is the backdrop to the new Capcom production, however, some important elements must be taken into consideration, in order to avoid being dissatisfied by the lack of time available. Similarly to what happened with the remake of the second chapter, these Resident Evil Village demos are also "One Shot", or trial versions with limited use of only thirty minutes.

This means that in the when the timer expires, it will no longer be possible to use the demo, except by logging into your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 using a different account, in order to restart the timer present in the trial version from the beginning. Why are we telling you all this? For the simple reason that in the thirty minutes of time at your disposal, you may not discover all the secrets contained in the Resident Evil Village demo.

If you are allergic to spoilers of any kind, we urge you not to continue reading . If not, here is some information that could prepare you to make the most of the Resident Evil Village demo:

The demo will contain a part of the story that can be completed, without knowing how to move, in about 20 minutes. Leaving some time available for further exploratory phases. Some enemies will hide as you pass, you will have to instigate them to fight to be able to fight them. Keep this in mind if you feel the need for some extra action .. There are some secrets inside the demo, in this case a drawer to open using a specific tool, but our advice is not to take them into account too much by virtue of the little time available to complete the part of the story narrated by the demo. Pausing the demo will stop the game timer. Keep this in mind. Finally, we remind you that the Resident Evil Village Gameplay demo can only be played between 19:00 today and 04:00 in the morning of April 19th. Hoping to have given you some advice to enjoy it in the best possible way, we are curious to know that you will think once you have completed it.

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