The best school diaries for the year 2021/2022

The best school diaries for the year 2021/2022

Editor's note: We have updated the list of diaries with new templates for the current school year.

With the arrival of September, the time has come, much to the chagrin of the students, to start talking about the return again at school . Already in the past few days, in our special Back to School we have recommended the best products to best face the return to school, and this time we offer you our selection of the best school diaries 2021/2022.

The diary is a strictly personal thing, which as a pencil case and backpack allows students of any age to represent their personality, which is why we have thought of offering you a wide selection of diaries that range by gender and appearance, with the ideal solutions for all ages. In fact, we find diaries for the little ones with large and colorful writings, and others instead branded with successful films and video games or by great popular YouTubers. For the older ones, on the other hand, there are also more serious-looking diaries, full of memes and curiosities, including products designed especially for students who have to face the dreaded final exam in the summer of 2022.

Basta waste time chatting, otherwise September will come immediately! So get ready to read our selection of the best school diaries for the year 2020/2021, make yourself comfortable and get ready to be advised. Prepare your wallet, and happy shopping!

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The best school diaries for the year 2020/2021

ScuolaZoo Diary Me Against you Diary Fortnite Diary Footballers panini Diary erik Harry Potter Friends Puppies Diary Be You Comix Diary of Maturando Smemo

The diary of ScuolaZoo

Created in collaboration with the famous school-themed news and funny video site ScuolaZoo, this diary fully reflects the mood of the portal and seeks in its pages to relieve and distract (the right, never too much) students from homework and daily duties. This diary will become a real companion of adventures, with numerous funny memes, simple games, special ScuolaZoo contents for those who own the diary and lots of stickers and cards to spread everywhere.

Me against You

Could we leave the little fans of Luì and Sofì unsatisfied without putting the Me against You diary in this selection? Absolutely not, and in fact, here is a product designed for all children who love videos of the nice couple of YouTubers, who have also included many of their games and photos in this colorful hardcover diary. The pages are spacious, colorful, with large and very legible writing, with small squares to help in writing and without drawings on each page, so as not to excessively distract the younger students. You can't be a Me vs You fan and not have this amazing diary!


Fortnite players , are you ready to bring your passion for the well-known videogame to school? Good because with this incredible 12-month diary you can do it, always carrying your favorite game with you, with a padded and plasticized cover and an orange and blue camouflage pattern. With 320 full color pages full of images of the most famous game skins, you can plan your study days while having fun. With its 13.5 x 18.5 cm format, this diary proves to be an excellent option for those looking for a large and spacious diary, perfect for those who have yet to practice writing.

Panini Calciatori

This diary is ideal for all football fans, and for those who like to collect the stickers of the historic Panini Calciatori album. In fact, in the more than 352 pages of this diary there are numerous anecdotes about the world of football, with the possibility of playing intricate riddles with the Fantasquadra that is proposed, to make people think as well as entertain. Large 13 x 17.8 cm, this diary has a single pattern for its padded cover which, however, refers to the album, to the delight of all football card collectors!

Harry Potter

Get ready to spend the whole school period more magical than normal with this incredible diary inspired by the Harry Potter saga! You will also find other characters from the saga such as Hermione, Voldemort or the elf Dobby, represented above the very colorful stickers, and then numerous extra spaces dedicated to planning activities, a practical ruler-bookmark and an expandable pocket. With its incredible color illustrations, this diary features a soft and resistant cover, with a spiral binding that allows maximum flexibility and an elastic band closure to keep the pages safe.

»Click here for the Harry Potter diary

Puppy friends

Animal lovers, if you want to spend 12 months with your Nasoni friends, this is the diary you are looking for! In its colored pages and characterized by squares on the right and lines on the left, you will find the funny strips, many funny comics with various puppies as protagonists, and it is then possible to play together with the various characters to experience new incredible adventures. Also this year by purchasing the puppies diary, in addition to helping the shelters of the Animal Protection volunteers with food, you will also contribute to the research of the Salvadelfini catamaran of the Plastic Busters.

Diary Be You

The line of BeYou diaries collection 2021-2022, perfect for students from middle school onwards, with its pages full of fun and carefree materials is ready to cheer school days, in fact, despite its small size, 18.2 x 3.3 x 13.5 cm, inside it presents numerous entertainment and pastimes! In fact, there are numerous games, information and stickers with phrases and photos to create funny memes, while then going to the appropriate page of the site you can find many other interactive contents to have fun during the breaks from the study.


One of the most classic school diaries, perfect until high school, is the Comix diary! With its 576 pages that cover over 16 months, and with its hard cover Comix has conquered generations of students, making its comics, humorous texts and interviews a trademark. You can choose from 12 cover colors, and each one has its own pungent phrase that characterizes the diary, with the usual "pungent" Comix mood.

Diary of Maturando

This revised and corrected version of the ScuolaZoo diary was created specifically for students who are about to start their final year of school and who will have to take exams during the summer of 2022 of maturity. Inside this diary there are various contents such as the planners of the commitments, the reviews, lots of memes, games and curiosities addressed to the most adult students, trying to dampen the tension for the dreaded exam.


Smemo, or Smemoranda for the more traditionalists, is another diary that needs no introduction. In just 11 × 15 cm this legendary diary will keep you company for 16 months with its interviews and insights, and together with its memes and curiosities it will be able to entertain for a long time. Moreover, with its spacious and wide pages it allows a total customization, for this reason the cover is available in 5 different patterns.

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