The Lazio Region is ready to reactivate vaccine reservations

The Lazio Region is ready to reactivate vaccine reservations

The cyber attack blocked the service for 5 days. Europol and the FBI are also investigating with the Postal Police, while an image of what could be the ransom note left by the criminals has been released

(photo: Adriana Sapone / LaPresse) A5 days since the service was blocked due to the cyber attack last Sunday, the Lazio Region will reactivate the reservations for the anti Covid-19 vaccines by Friday 6 August. The Capitoline region has in fact moved the booking system to an external cloud, waiting to be able to restore the Data Processing Center, the organizational unit responsible for managing the entire regional IT structure, infected by the ransomware that encrypted the data. .

The region has announced that it has managed to isolate and secure all data from services that would not have been attacked, "such as health data" and "budget data", and by the end of August they should be regional payment systems have also been reactivated. However, it is still unclear how long it will take to restore all services, whether the authorities will be able to identify the criminals responsible for the attack or whether the region will be forced to pay a ransom to regain possession of its IT systems.

In fact, despite some statements, for now there is no evidence that the attack is of a terrorist nature, but it seems instead to be a classic criminal attack, carried out for the purpose of extortion. A so-called ransomware, that is the same type of attack used more and more often to hit private companies, which occurs through data encryption and a request for payment to get the decryption key. The hypothesis of cyber terrorism is therefore highly unlikely, given that the data would have simply been deleted and not encrypted, as in this case. In addition, a partially obscured screenshot has been released these days, which should show the ransomware warning showing the link to use for negotiating with the attackers.

According to the technology and security site BleepingComputer, the link could be linked to a group of cybercriminals named after the type of virus used for their attacks: RansomExx. The group would be known for several ransomware attacks also carried out against the computer systems of some institutions, such as the government networks of Brazil or the Texas Department of Transportation. However, these are still suppositions, while the investigation into the attack continues carried out by the Postal Police, with the support of Europol, the European police, and also the FBI, the US federal police agency that deals with counter-terrorism and internal intelligence.

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