The best peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator | May 2021

The best peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator | May 2021

The simulation game landscape has had a nice injection of lifeblood over the past few months. The credit goes above all to the guys from Asobo Studios who, in collaboration with Microsoft, gave birth to Microsoft Flight Simulator, sanctioning the return to the market of the King of flight simulators. The wait has been quite long for fans of the genre and fanchise, but to date all the patience brought over the years has been repaid in a big way, with a game that not only proves to be up to its predecessors but which, potentially, will be able to set new standards for the whole genre, and has already done so in its first months of life.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently only available in PC version, but we know that the development team is willing to release its title also on the consoles of the Xbox family. If there is a great pro that PC players have, to date, it is to be able to enjoy this fantastic experience even with all the flight peripherals (at this address you can find the guide to the best controllers for MFS) suitable for this kind of simulations. For this reason, today, we are here to offer you our guide on the best peripherals suitable for enjoying 100% of the simulation experience offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The best peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Thrustmaster Warthog Speedlink Phantom Thrustmaster T-16000M Logitech G Saitek Pro

ThrustMaster 2960738 HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Get started right away, then, with a peripheral perfect for gamers who want to get the most out of these gaming experiences. If quality is the only thing that matters to you, then ThrustMaster 2960738 HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick is almost a must-have choice to fly at your best on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This control system is able to give truly optimal feedback during your flight phases within the Asobo Studio title. Thanks to general compactness and millimeter precision, the joystick and crank offer excellent resistance and are able to be perceived every slightest movement of air during your flights. Furthermore, both peripherals can be used both as a pair and separately, giving the player the possibility of being able to further customize their experience with this type of hardware. Finally, the presence of 55 buttons, also customizable within the game to your liking, should be underlined.

Speedlink Phantom Hawk

Now let's move on to a product that is more suitable for all budgets and above all perfect for anyone who has never tried to approach flight simulators by holding a joystick. Thanks to its fantastic design and optimal ergonomics, the Speedlink Phantom Hawk is the perfect entry point for all those who want to try Microsoft Flight Simulator for the first time. While not one of the most expensive peripherals on the market, this joystick has all the elements needed to enjoy hours and hours of thrilling flights. This is thanks to a powerful vibration that will allow you to feel your every movement in flight, and to a minimal but at the same functional selection of keys for every necessary occasion.

Thrustmaster T-16000M FCS Joystick

Although the simulation genre is considered quite niche, the community of enthusiasts can count on a different choice of very varied products. One of these is the Thrusmaster T-16000M FCS joystick, one of the peripherals also designed for all those left-handed gamers. Obviously, this joystick also exists in a version suitable for right-handers, and is one of the most customizable peripherals currently on the market. This is thanks to the possibility of removing some of the components and to the support for the TARGET software that can be used on a PC, which allows you to act directly on the customization of the buttons by composing your own customized dashboards at any time.

Logitech G Saitek Pro

We close this list of the best peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Logitech G Saitek Pro Joystick. This choice features a design that resembles a joystick of a small plane or a Piper, and others to a whole series of buttons, customizable within the title, this joystick also has a stainless steel joystick lever that offers control stable, smooth and accurate of the virtual aircraft. The joystick also features great ergonomics thanks to the material it is made of, which gives the player a comfortable feeling of constant control. In short, a choice that will please gamers who do not have a huge budget and that will give you excellent sensations on any flight you want to simulate within the wonderful Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to choose a peripheral for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Let's take a small step back though. Before starting to list what are currently the best peripherals for Microsoft Flight Simulator on the market, it is fair to point out that there are different types of controllers and joysticks out there. There is no more right or wrong choice, since each peripheral has its own particularities, and it is up to the individual player to aim to buy the version that is more in their strings, also depending on the experience you have on the genre.


Let's start from the Hands on Throttle and Stick configuration: that is a peripheral that includes a stick and a throttle, which therefore occupy both hands. This setting can include a joint or separate throttle from the stick. Models with separate handcuffs are generally more expensive but more comfortable.


The second configuration you can find on the market is referred to as Hands on Stick and Keyboard. With this type of peripheral setting, only one stick is used, while the keys on the keyboard are used with the free hand to execute additional commands.


Thanks to the wide range of customization we also have a third and a fourth configuration. The penultimate, namely Hands on Stick and Mouse, allows players to play with one hand controlling the joystick stick, and the free hand uses the mouse. The HOSAM configuration is currently the setting that allows more precision.


Let's close with the final configuration, that is Hands on Stick and Stick. If you buy such a peripheral, know that you will have two sticks in your hands that will allow you to play while receiving maximum realism and access to multiple buttons.

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