How professional gamblers are using prop bets to profit on their NFL wagers


The way we gamble on sports has changed, with the sports betting industry now more accessible than ever before. That’s due to improvements in technology, mobile betting apps and the influx of new bookies to the market.

The NFL is one of the most popular sports tournaments to bet on, certainly in the United States and Canada. Gamblers love to make predictions on which teams will win and aim to profit from their picks with an online bet. The leading sportsbooks attach dozens of markets to the matches, but many bettors are guilty of sticking with their favourites and betting on what they’ve always backed.

This is because of familiarity, a sense of safety and a lack of understanding of how the more complicated and newer NFL markets work. The best NFL prop bets are the most underused but offer the most potential for profit. That’s why professional bettors worldwide love this option. In this article, we have enlisted the help of a sports betting professional who explains what football prop bets are and how you can use them to beat the bookies. Read on as we answer some of your questions.

Do all bookies offer prop bets?

Create an account at any leading online bookmaker and you'll have a wide range of sports betting markets available, including prop bets. This market is most commonly used by those gambling on NFL games and the Superbowl but it isn’t reserved for American bettors. The NFL is followed and bet on around the world, from Las Vegas to London. Gamblers love the unpredictability of the competition, the home team advantage, big scores and the drama.

Before deciding which bookmaker to sign up and bet with you should have a look around their website and mobile app. You want to see a busy American Football tab packed with NFL. There should be outright betting, including Superbowl champion and each fixture. The more pre-match and in-game betting, the better. More ways to bet means more ways to win.

Click on the fixture that catches your eye and you should find match winner betting followed by specials including prop bets. You can play the prop bets on one game or add prop bets from a selection of different fixtures to create a parlay. This style of betting gives backers a chance to win big off small stakes. It’s also a great value bet as it can give you an interest over the course of a day or even a weekend.

What are prop bets?

The beauty of the prop bet is it can be attached to almost any feature of the game, including points, passing yards, player or team. It’s popular with professional backers as with this type of gamble, and you don’t need to predict the winning team. The favourites could win, or the underdogs could spring a surprise. The victor matters not to your bets. Not having to rely on a team winning allows you to relax and enjoy the show.

Let’s take a look at a prop bet. A popular example would be a wager on how many passing yards would a certain player make. You are now focussed on the player rather than the team. If you bet your cash on this player to score over an exact number of passing yards, you are then invested in everything he does. His team could win the game, or they could lose the game. It doesn’t change your bet in the slightest. All you’re wanting is to see the yards put up on the board—the more, the merrier.

If you expect a player to have a poor run, you could also profit from his misfortune with a prop bet. Sticking with the example above, you could play a prop bet on a player to score under a certain number of passing yards. With this bet, you’ll be cheering every fumble and mistake by the man in question. This is a bet that gives you an interest for the duration of the play and will keep you hooked throughout.

Find a bookie that accepts prop bets on NFL, then create an account and start gambling. The top betting apps will give you a welcome bonus free bet when you join.

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