Best States in the US for Gaming

Best States in the US for Gaming

The world of esports used to be confined to a friend’s basement or dimly lit arcades around the country. Now, esports has become a full-fledged entertainment industry that is attracting real world sponsors and turning esports athletes into overnight millionaires. As the industry continues to grow, certain states around the US are becoming the de facto esports Meccas.


New York

New York will always be one of the first states to adopt new trends. The center of the action here is New York City, where you’ll find some of the biggest esports tournaments on the continent. Fortnite is a free-to-play game that has become a massive worldwide title. New York has the honors of hosting developers Epic Games' annual tournament at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, in Flushing, New York. There was over $30 million in prizes given out to players at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.


With nearly 8.5 million residents, NYC has countless local communities and clubs for any video game you enjoy. At these venues you'll find companions that will help you learn the finer details of your chosen game as you raise your own skills. NYC is also one of the best cities for programmers and game designers, with numerous industry titans like Rockstar Games, Metta Sport and DBLTAP headquartered here. This contributes to the city holding a lot of influence over the global esports movement.



Michigan comes in as a great place for gamers for a few reasons. The Midwest has several gaming hubs, but Michigan is likely the best location in the upper-Midwest region. As Michigan has a thriving culture of top universities, the university esports leagues are some of the best in the country and with tens of thousands of students coming here every year for studies, it’s only getting bigger.


There are several major tournaments here for games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Valorant and more. With the rise of legal sports betting in recent years, Michigan sportsbooks have also jumped on the action with specific Michigan free bets and other offers for local esports fans. This demonstrates another way the esports market is growing. Gaming celebrity Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is also from Michigan, and still has a residence there.


Nevada is a state known for one thing above all: gaming. Las Vegas is the world’s center for gaming of all kinds, so why wouldn’t video games find a home here? Furthermore, when you consider Las Vegas’ reputation for exceptional live entertainment, esports fits right in.


You will find many live esports tournaments here. The most fabled of all is EVO, which has been a part of the Nevada esports scene since 2005. EVO is the premier fighting game tournament for titles like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Brothers. Las Vegas is also a great city for conventions of all kinds. Throughout an average year the city is host to numerous video game conventions, like LVL UP EXPO and Shine Con.



California has created so many different cultural trends over the years. When it comes to alternative sports like surfing, skateboarding and esports, California is in a class of its own. When arcades were at the height of their popularity there were thriving locations from Sacramento to San Diego. Now, there are “esports arenas” all over the state, where passionate players come to compete.


California is also legendary for the professional esports competitors it has created. Esports teams like Team Liquid are one of the biggest forces in StarCraft and League of Legends. Another, FaZe Clan, is often found at Call of Duty and Fortnite tournaments. Counter Logic Gaming is another famous squad that was directly responsible for the growth of Counter Strike tournaments around the world. California also has a legendary fighting game community, that is very tight knit. You will also find some top tier tournaments here in the state, like the Overwatch World Cup.


Last but most importantly, California is also the biggest state in the US for video game development, meaning some of the top talent in the industry resides here. Naughty Dog, Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, EA Sports and Square Enix have all made California their home. When you add all of this up, California may be the best place for esports gamers to call home.

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