Halo: The TV series will show new sides of the Master Chief

Halo: The TV series will show new sides of the Master Chief


The TV series in the works for Paramount + on Halo, will obviously focus on the figure of the Master Chief. This transposition has been having a long gestation period since 2015. Steven Spielberg was supposed to be the producer, however Otto Bathurst was then appointed in 2020 to take his place in this role.

We currently don't have much information. about the series, however, we know that Pablo Schreiber will take on the role of the protagonist Master Chief.

Halo: the TV series will show new sides of Master Chief

It would seem that the writers are working hard on the characterization of the Master Chief. According to them, this character has not had the opportunity to express its full potential within the videogame saga alone.

Kiki Wolfkill, the project manager, explained in several statements how difficult it was to transpose the character of Chief in a TV series. By necessity it will still be different than we are used to.

Probably the biggest challenge in adapting the game is that the game is designed to put you in Chief's armor. What we're asking people is to just sit down and watch the show, we're going to introduce a side of Chief that you simply can't play in the game.

Despite these obstacles to the realization of a good and satisfying project, Wolfkill seems determined and convinced of the success of the transposition. The purpose you wanted to emphasize is the need to show the hero from a different point of view than in games.

We need to focus on what we want to be able to develop because it really matters. For this television series, we want to be able to do something new in Halo, and we want people to be able to experience it differently, and there is such a responsibility, but also just a personal drive, to want to create something. extraordinary. Putting all these things together, there is no room to panic.

The Halo series will be released on home video in early 2022. While waiting, we recommend that you retrieve Halo 5.

Halo Infinite – Leaked Footage Shows a New Map, Launch Site

Halo Infinite_08

Halo Infinite leaks have been doing the rounds quite frequently of late. Just last week, we got details on four multiplayer maps from the game that had yet to be officially revealed by 343 Industries, one of which had a Saber preparing for takeoff as one of its dominating characteristics, with clear inspiration from Halo: Reach’s Countdown.

Now, new footage has leaked online that shows more of that map. As shard by @LeakyHalo on Twitter and then further in a Reddit post, the map clearly focuses on verticality in its design, while it seems like there might be some dynamic elements as well. It’s hard to be too sure about the exact characteristics of the map at this point (there’s clearly some placeholder stuff in there), but it does give us a pretty good idea of what to expect from it. According to the game’s files, the map is going to be called Launch Site.

Recently, spoilers from the game’s campaign have also found their way online, so make sure to avoid those as best you can. Meanwhile, leaks also indicate that a battle royale mode might be in the pipeline.

Halo Infinite is due out this Fall for Xbox Series X>>>/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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