Xbox Series X is back available from Mediaworld!

Xbox Series X is back available from Mediaworld!

Addition at 15:38: sales start!

While the unmissable offers of Prime Day 2021 are crowded on Amazon, we shift our attention for a moment from the portal to inform you that, with great surprise, the much desired Xbox Series Microsoft's X will be back, just today, for sale on the pages of Mediaworld! This is excellent news for gaming lovers who, in this way, will have a chance to buy the splendid console from Microsoft, especially considering that, even more than PlayStation 5, it returns very rarely to the various stores, resulting in largely sold out everywhere, even on the store of the parent company!

Timing is, as you will imagine, fundamental, because having no news regarding the size of the sales stock, it is reasonable to expect that the consoles will be sold out in a very short time, making what will almost certainly be one of the last opportunities before it disappears. make way for the summer months.

Powerful and beautiful, Xbox Series X is a console with exceptional performance, such that it can boast the title of "most powerful console of this generation", relying on 12 TFLOPs, and easily reaching 4K resolution with frame rates up to 120 fps! Equipped with a new type of SSD developed directly by Microsoft, with a capacity of 1 TB, Xbox Series X uploads game information in an instant, almost completely annihilating the waiting in front of the screen.

Read also: There is a revolution out there and it's called Xbox Game Pass The console is also equipped with a backward compatibility that is nothing short of extraordinary, also endorsed by the splendid digital catalog offered by the subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service which, at a low price, every month it will offer you a choice of titles to play to which, over time, many games already available on day one will also be added! In short, right now the Xbox Series X is really a fantastic platform to play, and that's why we suggest you do not miss this possibility, especially considering that the shortage of components caused by COVID-19, will continue to cause a hiccup sale of consoles. from game at least until the end of 2022!

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