Because it is useless to wonder if Luca from Pixar is a gay love story or not

Because it is useless to wonder if Luca from Pixar is a gay love story or not

There is controversy surrounding the animated film set in Liguria: is there simple friendship between the two protagonists or something more? The director claims that the message he wanted to get across is that of self-acceptance

On Saturday I saw Luca with my six-year-old son. For the uninitiated, this is an animated Pixar film set in Liguria, now available on the Disney + streaming platform. The story is that of a child - Luca - a creature of the abyss who, out of the water, turns into a human. In the dry he meets a child named Alberto who has his own changing nature. Together, the two dream of riding a Vespa and to do so they participate in the Portorosso Cap, an Italian-style triathlon - the race consists of a swim, a binge of pasta and a bike race - held in a small fishing town. If they win they will have enough money to buy a used model of the legendary scooter. Luca and Alberto, however, must be careful not to show their aquatic nature in the village, humans fear the "terrible sea monsters" and are ready to pierce them with the harpoon.

I didn't think Luca was a gay story, not even my son, until I fell into the net and found myself entangled in yet another discussion (Vanity Fair Usa even called into question Call me with your name, a novel by André Aciman - and film - about a gay love set in Liguria). Is Luca a gay love story yes or no? Some critics say yes. Director Enrico Casarosa made it clear that he hadn't thought of a LGBTQ + story at the time of filming it: “I just wanted the message of accepting yourself and not hiding to get across”. Let's say what Luca is not: a straight love story. There is no sleeping princess who is kissed by a prince with or without consent; there is no girl orphan of her parents who ends up at the ball on a pumpkin turned into a carriage and meets the prince who raises her socially. There is not even a gay kiss.

We can read Luca as a gay story or more generically Lgbtq +, if we really want to. Metaphorically it could be, why not? There is the question of diversity - the aquatic and secret nature - and of the prejudice with which one must deal to express oneself - the village of humans who fear the unknown. There is a female character who, instead of taking on the role of a future princess or bride, wears those of a "harmless" friend. But if we asked my son, or another six-year-old boy, what is Luca, a film about friendship and against bullying would say (and maybe, if he were a few years older he would add, "about self-acceptance") . That then the friendship between Luca and Alberto will evolve into a love story, this is not a secondary question, but that is not even taken into consideration by the very young public and in which we adults have who knows why we want to get involved.

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