Halo Infinite will have modular multiplayer, here are the details shared by the developers

Halo Infinite will have modular multiplayer, here are the details shared by the developers

Halo Infinite will have modular multiplayer

While Xbox Series S and Series X owners can embellish their home with a new dynamic theme dedicated to Halo Infinite (we explain how to install it in this article), 343 Industries in the meantime has published a long blog post on the game in which it explains in detail the multiplayer of the game.

The new batch of information from Halo Infinite arrives right in the period of Gamescom 2021, after the official launch date set for the December 8 on Xbox One, Series X, Series S and PC. In the post published by 343 industries we discuss in general the impressions on the last beta test of the new Halo, of which we have told you about our experience in this article. From here, the developers start for a more general discussion on the multiplayer game philosophy.

After discussing the statistics of the Halo Infinite beta, the developers talked about the new radar system, agreeing with the complaints of the players that it wasn't quite as adequate as the radars of past games: “we knew that the implementation we had for the Tech Preview would be different, maybe even a little controversial, and that's why we wanted to get feedback on it as soon as possible . We have listened to all the feedback and have a new iteration that will be available in the next preview that will be more in line with the expectations of the players. "

Later, 343 Industries clarified the philosophy with which the developers decided to create Halo Infinite multiplayer; the first pillar of the game is the identification with the Spartans, a true canonical symbol of Halo that will also be explored in the multiplayer as well as in the single player campaign. The second point on which Infinite revolves is the extensibility of the game: modes, systems, anything built for the new Xbox flagship game has been designed to be modular and upgradeable from season to season of play. Finally, the developers are pressing on the accessibility of the game in the long term, both in terms of matchmaking and in terms of the future of multiplayer, when there will be many experienced players and new recruits they will need to get to grips with challenges within their reach: for this 343 Industries has thought of substantial tutorials and additional features to practice.

Finally, 343 Industries has also shared its development philosophies regarding the 4v4 Arena modes, which can be consulted in these 5 key points:

Right Starts - Players start matches as an equal with balanced gameplay mechanics. The lone wolf survives but the pack thrives - players can achieve individual results through the use of their skills, but the team approach of coordination, communication and responsiveness allows for a more effective quest for victory. Mastery = Depth of mechanics + Tactical decision-making approach - a match with two teams of equal skill is resolved by team strategies, since everything in play is only altered by the player's action. Game Modes Clarity - Halo Infinite's many Arena Modes must communicate how they work efficiently and quickly to support the tactical decision-making needed by players to get the best out of the gameplay experience. Power must be earned and is temporary - looting pushes teams to fight for the acquisition of items within matches. Any items that can be earned can also be taken away in combat. You can pre-order Halo Infinite from this link on Amazon!

Halo Infinite won’t have campaign co-op at launch

The latest development update for Halo Infinite has sketched out 343 Industries’ plans for the game’s release and first year of additional content, but has also come with the disappointing news that Halo Infinite will not have campaign co-op or the creative Forge mode at launch. Halo Infinite is still expected for release across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC sometime in “Holiday 2021”.


This news will be bitterly disappointing for fans of playing through Halo games with a buddy by their side, however, 343 Industries does give an indication of when we might expect to see campaign co-op added to the game. Halo Infinite will launch with Season 1 of the multiplayer and post-launch content there on day one. Campaign co-op is then planned for Season 2, roughly three months later, and Forge creative mode for Season 3, coming around half a year after the initial release.

When is that release date actually going to be? Well, 343 Industries still aren’t saying, but do promise that an announcement will be made soon – to be fair, the middle of a dev diary video probably isn’t the splashiest announcement venue. However, given how reticent Microsoft and 343 Industries have been to pin a release date on the game, and now with content being delayed from launch, it’s perhaps an indication that things are getting tight and features just aren’t quite coming together.

Halo Infinite 2021 Screenshot

Halo Infinite was originally announced for release alongside the Xbox Series X|S at the end of 2020, but after a disappointing showing at the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal showcase, Microsoft took a decision to give the studio more time to refine and polish their product, giving Halo Infinite a new 2021 release window. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect and slow work across the entire industry, it’s clearly remained a struggle.

That delayed development eventually led to a multiplayer tech preview last month, putting various difficulty levels of AI bots to the test and (very briefly) testing competitive Slayer. 343 say that the tech preview was a success on the whole, and gave them plenty of data to narrow down and stamp out issues that it revealed. That said, the tech preview codebase was roughly 2 months old at the time that it went live, so improvements are sure to have already come thick and fast.

All in all, this is a disappointing update from 343 Industries, but hopefully one where they have a solid roadmap for work to finish the game. The whole game is planned to be more modular than previous games, and so it’s not the end of the world if something gets temporarily pulled and is added in later. Better that than for 343 to ship broken features and for the campaign’s quality to suffer for solo players.

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