Genshin Impact: Oichi's Mona cosplay is refreshing

Genshin Impact: Oichi's Mona cosplay is refreshing

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact continues to thrill millions of players around the world thanks to the excellent support of miHoYo, which introduces new content and characters at regular intervals. Despite the recent additions of Yoimiya and Kamisato Ayaka, fans certainly haven't forgotten the "old glories". To prove it, Oichi proposes a new cosplay of Mona in the rain, which has a cooling effect in this very hot summer.

Mona joined the cast of Genshin in September last year, quickly conquering numerous fans . She is a young astrologer who has taken refuge in the free city of Mondstadt to escape the wrath of her master, seeking revenge after the girl has read a private letter. Mona's abilities as an astrologer are remarkable, yet she has decided not to use them for personal gain. A noble intent, but on the other hand the sorceress is always short of blackberry.

The cosplay made by Oichi is of the highest quality, with great attention to the details of the iconic costume, as well as the witch's hat. The choice of the shot in the rain also fits perfectly, since it represents well the affinity with the Hydro element of Mona.

Staying on the subject, you might be interested in the cosplay of Yoimiya of Genshin Impact made by peachmilky_ and of course also the reckless cospaly by Eula signed alco.loli. Completely changing genres, we recommend the Seraphine cosplay from League of Legends by Shirogane-sama and the fatal Jade cosplay from danievedo_.

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Genshin Impact August Twitch Prime Gaming Bundle Released - How to get Free Mora, Fragile Resin, and Mystic Enhancement Ore, Redeem Code

Genshin Impact fans have been getting tons of rewards in the past few months, and yet another opportunity is here to grab some amazing stuff for free.

When Genshin Impact was released last year, it came out at a time when a large number of AAA titles were being released, and it was towards the busy part of the year. Hardly anyone expected that the game would skyrocket in popularity amidst so many big names, but Genshin Impact has managed to outperform several other big names out there.

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  • While many games manage to get a lot of hype at launch, miHoYo has ensured that it is not short-lived for its game. By consistently releasing updates every six weeks, the developers have kept the playerbase engaged for a long period of time, and it seems like there is a lot more to come in the game in the coming months.

    The next update that is slated to arrive is the 2.1 Update, and it will be pretty close to the game’s anniversary so it could end up being pretty big. We do know for a fact that we will be getting characters as Raiden Shogun, Sara, and Kokomi, and a couple of new Inazuma islands, but miHoYo might add even more stuff.

    Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact



    Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact





    What is Genshin Impact August Twitch Prime Gaming Bundle?

    Last month, miHoYo collaborated with Prime Gaming to offer rewards to its fans out there. Via this program, Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime subscribers will get tons of rewards every month for free. There will be a new bundle available every month until December, and last month’s bundle included the following.

  • 60x Primogems
  • 8x Hero’s Wit
  • 5x Mushroom Pizza
  • Genshin Impact August Twitch Prime Gaming Bundle Released – How to get Free Mora, Fragile Resin, and Mystic Enhancement Ore, Redeem Code

    For the month of August, the following items will be available as rewards.

  • 1x Fragile Resin
  • 8x Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 20,000 Mora
  • To redeem the rewards, follow the given steps.

  • Get your code from the Prime Gaming page by logging in to your Amazon account.
  • Redeem the Code using the option under Account settings.
  • Enter the code to get the rewards.
  • For iOS users, you need to visit the gift website here.
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