DokeV, the preview of a spectacular action game that winks at Pokémon

DokeV, the preview of a spectacular action game that winks at Pokémon


The four-minute DokeV trailer was among the highlights of Gamescom 2021's Opening Night Live, and those who deny it lie knowing they are lying. The trailer packaged by developer Pearl Abyss took pretty much everyone by surprise: it's a lively, sparkling four minutes of gameplay, music and colors, and shows the muscles of the proprietary engine of the South Korean developer, best known for its Black Desert. If the dynamics of the game can certainly be discussed, from a purely technical point of view Pearl Abyss has always left speechless, and DokeV, which will arrive on PC and console only "soon", would seem to confirm the positive streak of this developer.

Let's see what we found out about the game in our preview of DokeV.

Looking for Dokebi

DokeV, like Mary Poppins over the game world Compared to when it was announced in 2019, DokeV has changed. Initially conceived as an MMO, and the first trailer also demonstrated it, the game has now become a single player adventure: it was the boys of Pearl Abyss who confirmed it, but they have been careful not to deny or confirm some other form of mode multiplayer. Sangyoung Kim, DokeV Lead Producer, said that "although the game is still in development, the team is proud of what is shown in the trailer and are confident that it will exceed even the wildest expectations of the players". Which certainly bodes well, also because the trailer is so artfully edited that it can't help but want to play.

DokeV is in fact an open world adventure entirely based on the search for the Dokebi, ancestral creatures of Korean mythology who represent the dreams and passions of humanity. Although invisible, the Dokebi live in close contact with humans and draw strength from their desires, in a kind of symbiotic circle.

In the game we will impersonate a kid who somehow manages to see the Dokebi, perhaps thanks to the glasses he wore in the 2019 trailer, and our goal will simply be to explore the game world, find these weird beings folklore and collect them. We still don't know how this mechanic works: in some scenes of the trailer we see the Dokebi disappear, sucked into strange accessories that look like the traps of the Ghostbusters, but it is clear that DokeV looks more like Level-5's Yokai Watch than the Game Freak / Nintendo franchise. .

We can surely summon them to our side during real-time battles against other creatures - evil Dokebi, perhaps? - and massive bosses who will test our reflexes and weapons. The trailer shows an arsenal of giant hammers, water pistols, bombs, vacuum cleaners and more. Our hypothesis is that some abilities or attacks depend on the Dokebi that accompanies us: in one scene we see the player using the same hat that he wears the feline Dokebi on his head next to him to overturn a torrent of playing cards on the enemies. Bizarre!

Play in style

DokeV, fight with a boss It must be said that this new trailer showed several action and combat scenes, but it seemed to focus mainly on the vastness of the game world and the means that will allow us to explore it. DokeV is set in a giant city that embraces a plethora of different scenarios and situations, so the guys from Pearl Abyss have implemented just as many methods of getting around. They range from skateboards and roller skates, which even allow you to perform spectacular stunts in the air, to more common means such as miniature cars and water bikes. Then there is the possibility of materializing other magical tools on the fly, such as the umbrella that allows you to glide and a kind of lace that is very reminiscent of the Monster Hunter Rise wire insect and even seems to work in the same way. By combining skills and means of transport, the player can literally dominate the open space in which the adventure unfolds.

This freedom of movement, by the way, is an integral part of the gameplay and combat system , which has not yet been explained in detail. The trailer suggests that we will have to invent some skill combinations to reach a Dokebi flying in the sky, for example, and that we will be able to take advantage of the dynamism of the movements to face the most powerful enemies and dodge their attacks while looking for a weak point or an opening. to attack.

DokeV, there will be many secondary activities such as fishing Creativity in traveling and in the way you want to explore the world would seem to go hand in hand with a large variety of secondary activities. In the trailer we saw that you can fish, plant decorative figurines and play with flying kites and lanterns. Furthermore, it seems that the look of our character will also play an important role, which we will be able to customize thanks to dozens and dozens of clothes and accessories. It is possible that some of them offer specific abilities, but for now everything remains very nebulous.

DokeV, an evocative glimpse of the game world What is instead under the eyes of all, is the beauty of this world and the skill with which the guys from Pearl Abyss have filled it with first-rate effects, particles and shaders. The glance is magnificent, although a bit plastic: the characters at first glance look like very detailed dolls, but the panoramas touch photorealism and the fur shading on the Dokebi models makes them almost indistinguishable from the monsters we saw in the live film. action Detective Pikachu.

DokeV, there will be many secondary activities such as fishing We were really struck, however, by the visual complexity of some game sequences in which the character finds himself fighting between cyclones of wind, volumetric clouds that rise all 'around, electric discharges that produce sparks and much more. We can safely say that DokeV was the most impressive title in the showcase presented by Geoff Keighley, but now we absolutely have to find out if it's as fun as it sounds. And the wait may still be long.

Many have already dubbed it as the "next-gen Pokémon", but the truth is, we still know very little about DokeV's gameplay. The trailer, however, made a really good impression on us. The Pearl Abyss title looks damn fun, thanks to the freedom of action it grants the player, and looking at it is truly spectacular, it is so accurate and rich in detail. DokeV is definitely one of the next generation games that we can't wait to try as soon as possible.


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