Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers, the preview of the reveal shown at the Destiny 2 Showcase

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers, the preview of the reveal shown at the Destiny 2 Showcase

Destiny 2

It took seven years to get here. They are just words, said a famous song from the last decade, yet in this case it is not. For Bungie it hasn't been since before Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, since the developer opened up to dialogue with his fans and talked about a long-term planning. The world of MMOs (the genre we remember, despite the initial denials, is still the basis of Destiny 2), is complicated and full of pitfalls. For this reason, therefore, having a Polar Star that illuminates the path is fundamental. For some years now, for Bungie, that Pole Star is the completion of the first narrative cycle of the Destiny universe: that of Light and Darkness.

Beyond the Light, The Queen of Whispers, Lightfall and from yesterday The Final Shape, are the steps that will conclude this narrative cycle. Over the years Destiny has become something more than what was originally the "project tiger" of 2010. You have to think, with all the necessary distinctions, to find yourself faced with what has been proposed in recent years by Star Wars. The Skywalker Saga has ended, but not the Star Wars, which will continue to tell new stories and new narrative cycles.

Here, Destiny 2 will do the same: it will conclude Light and Darkness and then, as anticipated yesterday, it will tell new stories that are part of this now immense sci-fi universe.

In the light of this, but above all in the light of the increasingly imminent arrival of a conclusion of this cycle, yesterday's presentation of The Queen of Whispers has an extraordinary value. Let's recap, therefore, in this preview of Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers what was announced yesterday about the expansion that will see the light on February 22, 2022.

A new expansion that, for the first time, can be played in cross-play mode. Starting yesterday, in fact, Bungie has activated this feature in its game, finally freeing Destiny 2 from platform constraints and allowing Guardians from all over the world to finally become a single community able to share joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. .

Savathun's Deception

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers: Savathun's Design The lore behind the universe created by Bungie in Destiny is immense. Often and gladly we forget how boundless it has become and how branched it is. It is therefore possible that even the fans have missed some details here and there. For the uninitiated, Savathun is the sister of Oryx, the Taken King who was defeated years ago in the first major expansion of the original Destiny. From then on, every single action this character took was done to bring us here. The main characteristic of Savathun, the one that differentiates her from the other sisters, is the ability to deceive and strategies to push anyone to do something that will bring them advantages. What we saw yesterday is the realization of the greatest of these deceptions, obviously concocted to outwit us Guardians: the only remaining obstacle between her and absolute power.

Over the years, Savathun's shadow hovered in the air to remind you that sooner or later the Queen of Whispers would come to present her bill. Strengthened by the Light on their side, however, the Guardians reveled in the belief that she, albeit shrewd and calculating, could never do anything against the "chosen ones of the Traveler". Well, as shown yesterday, that belief will fail on February 22, as Savathun has not only come into possession of the Light, but has also replicated the Ghosts, effectively making them "immortal" (unless the Ghost is destroyed). elite unit to which it has given the Light. Perched in her Throne, it will be up to us Guardians to find a way to thwart what is currently the greatest threat they will face.

Destiny 2: Queen of Whisperers: the new enemies This is in a nutshell what awaits us in the campaign of The Queen of Whispers. A notable plot twist that developed by the creative minds of Bungie and that we will have to understand where it will lead and what developments it will cause for the continuation of the story. A choice, that of offering the Light to the enemies, which can drastically change the game experience, given that some opposing units will be in effect evil Guardians, but which is really stimulating on paper. Even the choices made in terms of setting go in the direction of something much more elaborate and rich in meaning, with the Tronomondo fishing heavily from the iconic architecture of the Hive, but which in some situations reminded us of the classic immense fantasy fortresses. (Minas Tirith for example) revisited in a sci-fi flavor.

A new resource for the Guardians

Destiny 2: The Whispering Queen: Savathun's Three-World presentation, as well as a brief mention of the setting that we will explore. However, there was no lack of focus on some more playful elements of the experience, but which obviously will also have implications on the plot. The first point was the Campaign. As we have known for years now, the great expansions of Destiny 2 are created with a fairly well-known formula: a main campaign, a series of side contents (new armor, weapons, side activities, etc.) and the unlocking of the end-game once the narrative arc is complete. With The Queen of Whispers, the focus on the main missions, we have guessed, will be on a par with the end-game contents.

The phrase with which they presented the Campaign is certainly ambitious, having cited single player sacred monsters in comparison like Halo, Doom or God of War. Having said that, therefore, it is reasonable to expect something spectacular from what in effect has been built as the clash with the most devious and evil enemy proposed so far. To support these claims there is also the introduction of the difficulty level in the story missions (a new option for the series).

The arrival of this possibility frames Bungie's choice to offer a product that cares for all users, even old fans. Choosing to face (alone or in company) the missions on a difficult level will obviously offer a hefty reward to reward the arduous undertaking.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers: the Falcione The second focus instead concerns the gameplay. The novelties presented are two: one concerns the contextual kills and the second obviously concerns the new weapon archetype. As for the contextual kills, no real mention has been made, but looking closely at the trailer you can see how killing the opposing Guardians involves the destruction of the Hive Ghost. The presence of this animation, which is very reminiscent of those of DOOM, could open up a series of new customization scenarios with perhaps the inclusion of ad-hoc animations that can be selected by the user.

On the other hand, there is certainty. the arrival of a new weapon archetype: the glaive. This is the first melee weapon to be used in the first person that debuts on Destiny 2. The inclusion of this weapon is of fundamental importance for two reasons: the method of obtaining and its peculiarities. Starting from the second aspect, it is clear that the arrival of this archetype that combines melee shots with gunshots (did anyone say Gunblade?) Opens up a series of future possibilities ranging from the simple expansion of the arsenal and which can indicate how Bungie may want to refresh the gameplay of its MMOFPS.

The latest announcement of the new method by which it will be possible to obtain this weapon: weapon crafting. Crafting weapons without going through engrams is something users have been clamoring for for a long time. The possibility, in fact, to choose the best perks without having to rely on randomness and luck is something that should free the game from some criticisms made over time by some users. The crafting will expand over time, it will be retouched, but we know that surely on February 22nd both the Falcione, the Savathun's Tornomondo weapons and some specific weapons selected by Bungie will enter the crafting production cycle.

30 Years of Glory

Destiny 2: The Whispering Queen: Return of the Gjallarhorn The introduction of The Whispering Queen also allowed us to get a close look at Bungie's rumored 30th anniversary celebrations. The software house that in addition to Destiny gave birth to Halo, Myth and Oni, has decided to create a big event within Destiny 2 in which it will allow players to obtain many rewards as well as the possibility of facing new dungeons and a six player activity set in the famous "loot cave" meme. However, the reason why we are talking about this announcement on the sidelines of The Queen of Whispers is to tell you that after years of waiting, the Gjallarhorn will finally debut in Destiny 2. The iconic and most representative weapon of the franchise has finally been adapted to the new chapter of the saga and will be able to make its majestic return.

The Queen of Whispers is clearly an expansion with an important specific weight in the Destiny 2 economy. definitely spasmodic. The playful implications that the narrative choices made could bring are numerous and are also difficult to read given that still hovers over the latter a veil of mystery. What we do know, however, is that Bungie seems to have thought of everything: from the campaign, to crafting, from new weapons, to the revisitation of the subclasses of Light. There are still several months to go until February 22nd and the contents will not be lacking, but in the meantime Savthun's whisper is getting closer and closer.


Savathun is convincing The Tronomondo seems very inspired The Falcione and the new narrative dynamics are very intriguing DOUBTS There are still many unknowns to be revealed Have you noticed any errors?

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