Dark Souls YouTuber VaatiVidya launches Kickstarter for Artbook

Dark Souls YouTuber VaatiVidya launches Kickstarter for Artbook

The cryptic story of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Consortia is not always easy to decipher, even for players who have explored the titles from top to bottom. The YouTuber VaatiVidya has made a name for himself over the years for explaining these complex stories and backgrounds in understandable videos.

In general, VaatiVidya is a well-known face in the Souls community. In recent years he has hosted five art competitions on the various titles from FromSoftware. The results are now flowing into a neat artbook that he financed with a campaign on Kickstarter.

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Immerse yourself in the art of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Co.

"Soul Arts" is the name of the collection that includes numerous works of art inspired by Demon's Souls, Dark Souls (buy now € 48.41), Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring. Fans from all over the world have come together in VaatiVidya's competitions and, despite or perhaps because of the lack of an official connection to the works, have created works of art independently of From Software.

The whole thing is published by Tune & Fairweather, an Irish publisher from Dublin, which also published the Dark Souls book "You Died". With 256 pages and the dimensions of 25cm x 30cm, "Soul Arts" is a really big ham. It's not for nothing that Jason Killingsworth, founder of Tune & Fairweather, describes the project as her most ambitious ever.

How to get the fan art book "Soul Arts"

If you have a digital, DRM-free version of the art book is enough, you can get it for just 15 euros. But if you want to hold the chic thing in your hands as a physical copy, you have to have 60 euros ready. Shipping comes on top, here to Germany it costs another 20 euros extra. It's not cheap, but the artists have to be paid.

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