Dishwasher | The best of April 2021

Dishwasher | The best of April 2021

UPDATE 09/04/2021: we have replaced the purchase links with the stores that have a large stock of dishwashers.

Invented in the 19th century, the dishwasher is an appliance capable of washing and drying dishes, pots, pans, glasses and, in general, a whole series of objects that are part of the kitchen. Although already present in many homes, the dishwasher continues to be one of the most requested household appliances today, since its usefulness is not questioned, managing to save precious time and effort for larger families, but it could play a fundamental role also for those who live alone or as a couple.

The advantages of having a dishwasher are not limited only to saving in terms of time, but also of electricity and water, since the various processes for cleaning dishes are optimized for this purpose. Of course, it must be said that not all kitchens have the necessary space to insert one, but there are different types of dishwashers that allow people to find the right placement. The models available on the market, in fact, in addition to not all having the same size, are not exclusively built-in, but the manufacturers also create free-standing and totally concealed built-in solutions, the latter designed to be inserted inside a piece of furniture purchased together with the kitchen.

Read also: The best cheap air purifiers Having said that, in the next part of the article we will list what are, in our opinion, the best dishwashers you can buy right now. To meet everyone's needs, we have decided to select a couple of models for each type of dishwasher, so that you can choose the right model regardless of your kitchen. The models that you will find below were chosen after careful market analysis and after carefully analyzing numerous reviews of various models, as well as taking into account the various features of each model. This means having the certainty of taking home excellent and reliable solutions. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that during our analysis we also took into account the price, recommending a certain level of dishwashers, but making sure that the price did not go beyond the actual value of the product.

The best dishwashers

Electrolux ESF5545LOW - Freestanding Beko DFN05311W - Freestanding Candy CDI 1L949 - Built-in Candy CDSN 1L350PB - Built-in Bosch Serie 2 SMV25EX00E - Fully built-in AEG FSE63617P - Fully built-in

Electrolux ESF5545LOW - Free installation

If you are interested in a free-standing dishwasher, the Electrolux ESF5545LOW is now one of the best choices you can make. It is a 60cm model with a capacity of 13 place settings. One of its strengths is certainly the noise level, since it emits only 44 decibels, which is a threshold that can only be perceived if the environment is extremely quiet. Equipped with the best energy class (A +++), this dishwasher boasts AirDry technology, which uses the air present in the environment to complete drying, as well as automatically opening the door towards the end of the cycle. Clearly, natural drying allows for optimal results, as well as positively affecting the bill in the long run. There are obviously many washing programs, including the quick one, capable of completing the wash in just 30 minutes.

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Beko DFN05311W - Freestanding

If the Electrolux model exceeds your budget then we suggest you consider the Beko DFN05311W. Although aesthetically it is less refined than the previous solution, it still boasts excellent energy efficiency and a load capacity of 13 place settings. Furthermore, there is also the fast program that will allow you to obtain noteworthy results in just 30 minutes, as well as numerous other dedicated programs with which to obtain perfect washes, even with very dirty dishes and pans, at the cost of a slower process. Like the previous model, this dishwasher also boasts a drying system, proving to be the perfect solution for those who want to spend as little as possible, while still having the certainty of buying a valid product.

Candy CDI 1L949 - Built-in

If you need a built-in dishwasher instead, we suggest to consider the Candy CDI 1L949 model. Unlike the previous ones, we are dealing with a smaller solution, therefore ideal for small families or, in general, for those who do not need to wash large quantities of dishes. Its capacity is equal to 9 place settings, while the noise level remains below 50 dB, making it very quiet. Equipped with a LED display, the Candy CDI 1L949 has an adjustable top basket and a series of both fast and slow programs capable of ensuring impeccable washing and drying results.

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Candy CDSN 1L350PB - Built-in

Another valid built-in dishwasher that deserves to be considered is the Candy CDSN 1L350PB. With a noise level of 46 dB not only proves to be one of the quietest on the market, but also one of the best in this price range to have smart features, including wifi connectivity, which will allow you to manage it wherever you are, also using the voice. Also equipped with a beautiful LED display, the Candy solution also proves to be one of the best in terms of time saved, guaranteeing noteworthy results in less than half an hour. It is also worth mentioning the interiors whose supports are colored blue and easily visible, so as to allow you to position the dishes in an optimal way, thus having the certainty that washing takes place in the correct way.

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Bosch Serie 2 SMV25EX00E - Concealed total

Let's now move on to the fully retractable models, that is those designed to be equipped with the same material as your kitchen and, consequently, suitable for those who want a certain attention to design. Among these, the Bosch Serie 2 SMV25EX00E is undoubtedly a solution to be taken into consideration, also thanks to its particularly competitive price, in addition of course to its washing capabilities. Made entirely of steel, it has 13 place settings with a noise level that does not exceed 48 dB. Interesting is the red dot positioned in the lower part of the dishwasher and visible on the floor, which will allow you to understand if the dishwasher is still in operation or not, without the need to open it. Great attention has also been given to the support dedicated to the detergent, which comes out and pours into a special container on the upper basket where it dissolves completely. This obviously results in gentle washes even on the thinnest glasses.

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AEG FSE63617P - Concealed total

Among the best fully concealed dishwashers we could not fail to mention the AEG FSE63617P which, with its AirDry technology, maximizes drying with natural air flow, with the door that opens automatically by 10 cm when the wash cycle comes to an end. Like the previous model, this solution also projects a red dot on the floor to allow you to check in record time whether the washing cycle is finished or not (red when it is active, green when it is finished). Worth mentioning is the ProClean satellite reel, which allows the water jet to always vary its angle in order to clean every corner of the dishwasher where, usually, the more traditional models leave dirt. Furthermore, this specific model boasts much more advanced touch controls but at the same time simple and immediate to understand. Slightly more expensive than the previous models, but perfect for those who want to have a dishwasher without compromise, remembering however that the models mentioned above are no less.

How to choose the dishwasher

Having established which are the best dishwashers to buy, it's time to find out how to choose this appliance from great utility. Fortunately, unlike other appliances, there are not many factors to consider during the purchase, but they are fundamental in order not to run the risk of taking home a model that is not compatible with your kitchen.

Type of dishwasher

As we reported in the introduction of the article, there are different types of dishwashers and that is why, before proceeding with the purchase, you need to know which is the most suitable for your kitchen. The dishwashers can be free-standing, built-in and fully concealed. The first, as the word already says, is the one that will allow you to position it in the simplest way, since its installation takes place on the floor. The built-in dishwashers, on the other hand, are those that must be inserted inside a compartment, while the fully retractable ones are characterized by not having the panel that covers the door of the appliance, with the latter having to be purchased separately. together with the kitchen. Having said that, it is clear that the latter solution is preferable for those who want to give the right attention to the design of their kitchen, making sure that the dishwasher blends in with the rest of the furniture.

Place settings

The number of place settings plays a fundamental role in the choice of dishwasher and, although most models have a width of 60cm with 13 place settings, there are smaller versions of 45cm with less than 10 place settings, ideal for families few in number or, even better, for those who live with their partner. As you understand, in this case there are no minimum requirements to be respected, since the choice falls exclusively on the basis of your washing needs.

Energy efficiency

A unlike the number of place settings, energy efficiency plays an important role in the dishwasher. In this regard, in order to avoid embarrassing energy consumption, it is necessary to verify that the model you are about to buy has at least the wording A as an efficiency class (the best would be A +++). Fortunately, today it is difficult to find models with a class lower than A on the market, also because starting from 2013 the law no longer allows it. However, it is a factor to consider if you buy a model used by private individuals.

Programs and functions

Although all dishwashers have more than one washing program, it is good to check for the presence of the latter, since a greater number of programs will allow you to choose the right washing mode. Having said that, although it is not mandatory, it would be useful for the model you have chosen to have the possibility of washing at half load, allow you to manage the baskets differently with the dual zone mode, decide to start the washing cycle at a set time, as well as the ability to check the progress of the process with an indicator on the display.

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