WandaVision: who is Agatha Harkness?

WandaVision: who is Agatha Harkness?


WandaVision, with its seventh episode, has launched towards a finale that promises to reserve great surprises, with the hope that some questions that have emerged in the past episodes will be revealed. Including the identity of Darcy's infamous engineer friend, which has sparked a real hunt for the secret identity, with heavy bets on Reed 'Mr Fantastic' Richards of the Fantastic Four. Breaking the Fourth Wall is not just a preparatory episode, but ends with a twist that reveals the true identity of one of the key figures in the Disney + series.

WARNING: The following contains a number of important spoilers about WandaVision

For those familiar with Marvel Comics, the clues scattered in previous episodes were evident, accompanied by some attitudes and apparent randomness that betrayed the true identity of one of Wanda's neighbors, but the final revelation of Breaking the Fourth Wall amazed viewers who are enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe without a past as a voracious comics reader. The kind, caring and eclectic Agnes finally took off her mask and revealed her true identity: Agatha Harkness, witch.

"Wanda, Wanda ... You thought you were the only one with magical powers in town , right? I'm Agatha Harkness, glad to finally meet you. "

Between satisfied smiles of those who had guessed who really was behind this character and amazement at this explosive revelation, the character played by Kathryn Hahn opens up to new scenarios within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in its Phase Four we know that it will deal with darker themes and related to the magical context.

WandaVision is therefore the first step towards this magical dimension, which will continue with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, giving life to a narrative in which a figure like Agatha Harkness cannot be missing.

Agatha Harkness in the Marvel Universe

Above all, considering how in the Marvel Universe the figure of this unusual witch has played a central role not only in Wanda's life, but also in that of other figures of the House of Ideas. Agatha Harkness first appeared in January 1970, when she appeared in the role of Franklyn Richards' elderly nanny, in Fantastic Four # 94. It was created by the Marvel gold duo consisting of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; the King said he was inspired by actress Agnes Moorhead, who plays the character of Edora in the popular Bewitched series (honored by WandaVision in her first episode) to create his appearance.

The Richards initially ignore the true nature of Agatha, a millennial witch, but when her past returns to present the bill, the Fantastic Family becomes involved in a family feud between Agatha and her son Nicholas 'Scratchy' Scratch, intent on punishing his mother for having revealed to the Richards its true nature. A clash that takes place in the magical community of New Salem, a colony of witches once led by Agatha. Of course, the Fantastic Four do not abandon their beloved nanny, coming to clash with her grandchildren, the Seven of Salem, defeating them.

Agatha's presence within the Richards family stories introduces a magical element to the interior of the Marvel universe that soon binds to one of the key figures of Marvel's magic: Wanda 'Scarlet Witch' Maximoff. The mutant power of Wanda to alter reality is accompanied, in fact, by a magical element inherited from her mother, Natalya, a gift that the young woman does not master at best, but which she learns to control thanks to the teachings of Agatha, who for her becomes a familiar figure.

It is to Wanda that Agatha manifests herself when she seeks help to thwart the plans of her son Nycholas and the Seven of Salem, intent on conquering the world. During this confrontation, the community of New Salem falls victim to a powerful spell, the energies of which threaten to destroy the world. Wanda, however, manages to disperse them, even if under the guidance of the spirit of Agatha, killed at the stake by her son, this attempt forces her to absorb part of this power, with the consequence that the mutant is mysteriously pregnant with twins. A magical pregnancy that we saw, in the MCU version of her, right in WandaVision.

The events related to Wanda's pregnancy in the world of comics see Agatha as the protagonist again, who takes on an almost maternal role for the mutant. In short, it will be discovered that the twins are actually emanations of Mephisto, the infernal demon, who now claims the two infants and reabsorbs them. A tragedy that threatens to break Wanda, but that Agatha avertes by erasing the memory of her from her protégé, removing the memory of her children. An action that will later have nefarious effects, when Wanda regains her memory, again at the hands of Agatha, when the Avengers face the threat of Immortus. The reappropriation of the lost memories of their children will cause Wanda's mind control at the basis of the Avengers: Divided maxi-event, at the end of which Wanda will rewrite the known universe as told in House of M.

The link between Wanda and Agatha, despite having maternal traits, is at times conflicting. The millennial witch, in fact, tries to protect Wanda, but in doing so she prefers to impose her guidance on the young woman, with actions that in the following years will present a decidedly salty counter to the Marvelian metahuman community. A mistake also paid in first person by the witch herself, who is killed by an out of control Wanda during a tough confrontation.

Fortunately for Wanda, as Stan Lee often remembers, the doors of the Marvel afterlife are revolving, and therefore returning from the dead is possible (except for Mar-Vell and Uncle Ben, you know). Even the witch, therefore, has the opportunity to return to the realm of the living, thanks to the intercession of the spirit of Natalya Maximoff, who became the goddess of magic after a magical battle to prevent the forces of Chaos from taking control of the magical forces. >
In recent times, Agatha has continued to lend her support and guidance to other magic-related figures in the Marvel Universe, such as Black Panther's sister Shuri.

Her most recent appearance is within the Captain America series, where allying himself with the secret sect of the Daughters of Liberty helped Steve Rogers foil a criminal plot that made him public enemy number one. This further aggravated her relationship with American society after the events of Secret Empire.

Agatha Harkness: What role will she play in the MCU?

Agatha's official entry into the interior of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has repercussions both in a broader sense, expanding the magical context of the MCU, and specifically for Wanda. Since the woman's first appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the origin of her powers has been the subject of discussion among fans of the paper character. At the time of the film's release, the rights to the mutants were still the preserve of FOX, which would only become part of the Disney universe later on. It was therefore necessary to offer a different explanation of the origin of Wanda's powers and the presence of the Infinity Stones became an excellent expedient.

Only in 2019, with the Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary it is specified that Wanda is a witch , with an MCU retcon operation in which it is confirmed that the Infinity Stones have only awakened its latent powers. Hence, Wanda, like Stephen Strange, possesses magical powers, and the community of holders of such abilities now expands with the presence of Agatha. Apparently, in Breaking the Fourth Wall the figure of Agatha seems to be configured as negative, as the short curtain 'Agatha alla along' apparently makes her the mind behind the Westview events, but as we know anything is possible.

Some details of his appearance, in fact, leave doubts open. The manifestation of her powers is accompanied by a purple hue, but the grimoire that appears in her underground cave emanates orange tints. A book that recalls the form of some tomes of magical power also seen in Doctor Strange, which may lead us to think that in the last two episodes of WandaVision the Sorcerer Supreme could make her the appearance of her. But are we sure that Agatha is the villain of the series? What if there was a broader plan behind this manipulation of Wanda? The last two episodes of WandaVision could give us this answer, better preparing us for the future of Wanda and the MCU.

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