Hasbro Gwen Stacy - Marvel comics Spider-man: the review

Hasbro Gwen Stacy - Marvel comics Spider-man: the review
Gwen Stacy is the ideal companion for the "old school" Peter Parker that we have already reviewed in the pages of Pop Culture and, despite having no obvious power, she is also part of the Marvel Comics universe of Spider-Man.

First love is never forgotten

Many would immediately say that Peter Parker's long-time girlfriend is MJ (aka Mary Jane Watson), but that's not the case. The heart of the young Peter, in fact, lit up for the blonde Gwen Stacy, a high school friend whose appearance dates back to the first issue of Spider-Man, in the now distant 1965. Orphaned by her mother and raised with her father, former captain of the NYPD, Gwen has a lovable character and, despite her beauty, she is definitely not one of those girls who "get it on". The story with Peter begins gradually, after his engagement to Harry Osborn, and becomes serious when her father dies to save the life of a child during a confrontation between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus. After leaving the "Goblin Junior" everything travels full sails between the two lovebirds until Green Goblin kidnaps her and takes her to the highest point of the Brooklyn Bridge and throws her off. Spider-Man tries to save her, throws a web but at the end of the fight Gwen dies. We do not know if it was the Goblin who killed her or the backlash with which Peter's canvas stops the fall, but the sound described in the strips of the number 121 of the comic leaves little doubt as to how things went.

The action figure

Once devastated… ehemm, rott…, mmmh open the box of Hasbro Gwen Stacy, we find the action figure of America's sweetheart from the Spider universe -Man accompanied by an optional head, bag, yearbook and number of the beloved Daily Bugle, basically the necessaire for the Midtown High School beauty queen.

Blond hair in the wind gathered by a headband, turtleneck sweater, purple miniskirt with slit, sports boots and green overcoat with leather belt our Gwen is ready for a hard day the high schooler, indeed, as a student model and Hasbro has well recreated the image conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Slim physique, toned muscles and perfect make-up are the main characteristics of Hasbro Gwen Stacy. If we add Hasbro's Pinless technology to these features, we obtain a model with very particular characteristics, especially as regards posability.

In this regard, the positions that Hasbro Gwen Stacy is able to take are many, including the our beloved lotus figure. The materials used, a very elastic plastic, ensure an excellent hold of the pose for a long time.

However we are talking about a figure dedicated to a girl who is very careful to follow fashion and, as such, the mix created by a small foot inserted into a pair of high-heeled boots means that it is often not possible to make them assume dynamic poses without some little help.

Basically to make sure our Hasbro Gwen Stacy is in feet, the only solution is to keep it with both feet on the ground, perhaps playing with the balance of the torso in case we want to add the bag, the yearbook or the Daily Bugle.


When evaluating a figure, proportions, volumes, face shapes are fundamental and in Hasbro they know how to do it. All this is reflected in this model that has physical characteristics that perfectly match Gwen's image.

The shapes are harmonious, with ready and toned muscles; the clothing is perfect for the character with the textures of the fabrics perfectly reproduced. The crewneck sweater hugs the upper part of the body while the wide slit skirt surrounds the waist.

On top of everything we find a green raincoat with a leather belt. As with Peter's jacket, however, Gwen's also has the sleeves detached from the rest of the overcoat to allow good mobility of the arms. The drapery of the sleeves is excellent as is the rendering of the wool of the sweater.

However, these are not the details that emerge from the analysis of the sculpture of this action figure, but the face. This is simply gorgeous with long, fluttering blonde hair and a headband that gathers it. The oval of the face is regular and the features are refined while the eyes are very expressive. Same judgment for the additional head with red hair.


As we said before, Hasbro Gwen Stacy's posability is excellent. The 30 joints of the figures equipped with Hasbro Pinless technology allow them to assume practically any position and to maintain it without it changing in a short time.

BUT, as always there is an MA that breaks the scat. .eggs in the basket. A girl's feet (and I'm getting the ire of a lot of nerdy girls here, but anyway) are normally smaller than a boy's and the use of heels certainly doesn't help in providing a stable platform for poses.

For this reason the only positions that allow you to leave Gwen without help from other figures, or parts of dioramas are those with two feet firmly planted on the ground to counterbalance the possible presence of the bag, the yearbook or the Daily Bugle.


Hasbro Gwen Stacy is a simple figure, dedicated to the first love of Peter Parker who attended high school with him. Inserted in the series dedicated to Spider-man (where else?) It is characterized by a second head with red hair and a more mature make-up, a blue bag and a copy of the Daily Bugle, the newspaper for which Peter works. An essential equipment for a teen ager in the last year of High School committed on several fronts and in love with one of the most insecure children on the planet.


If we really decide to buy or less Hasbro Gwen Stacy we would do it to complete the collection of characters included in the wave dedicated by Hasbro to SpideR-man since it does not fall within our canons of choice.

This despite the features of the figures are excellent and its role within the "Team Spider-man" is indispensable to the story. For the rest, the figure is an excellent example of the quality with which Hasbro translates the ideas of Marvel designers in a three-dimensional way and the additional head combined with the other accessories included in the package are excellent.

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