Valentine's Day 2021: gift ideas for her

Valentine's Day 2021: gift ideas for her
Valentine's Day, you know, is the favorite day for lovers and probably one of the most anticipated days of the year if you are jewelers, florists or retailers of various gadgets and possibly a "cute and cuddly" theme. This is the day par excellence dedicated to love and, even if with the current times not everyone will be able to spend time with their partner, we have decided to create for you some shopping guides that will allow you, thanks to the "magic online shopping ", to send the perfect gift to your sweetheart, it is clear that we sincerely hope that all the Romeo and Juliet out there will be able to spend the feast of February 14 together.

And so here it is, ready as always to give you some suggestions for your purchases, aware of how difficult it can be to orchestrate the right gift for your him or her. After all, how many stories have lost their happy ending due to a wrong gift? How many relationships have been shattered by that horrible, squalid, last-minute gift? Probably countless, thanks to trusted experts in the art of gift, you, just you, gentlemen looking for the perfect gift, will not be media!

Our team of cupids has in fact concocted a rich list for you of gifts to conquer yours: 10 tips for purchases characterized by unspeakable love and unsurpassed sweetness. 10 articles that will emphasize not only eternal and unconditional love for your girlfriend, but also a certain good taste. Enough with gifts wrapped in old newspapers, or with those sickly boxes of chocolates bought at discount prices near the house, these are 10 Valentine's Day gifts for your wife and if you trust us, success will be guaranteed ... more or less.

Valentine's Day, 10 gift ideas for her

The heart of the ocean Necklace with intertwined hearts The kissing key rings Our Adventure Book The Yankee Candle of Valentine's Day The Magic Sakura The bouquet by Chupa Chups The name of a star The eternal rose The flowers Lego

The Heart of the Ocean

Titanic may not be the most optimistic film for a couple to watch, but it must be given credit to James Cameron's masterpiece of be one of the cornerstones of cinematic love of all time. Full of dreams, high hopes (and catastrophic disasters), this colossal of cinema has carved in the collective imagination the love story between its protagonists, Jack and Rose, played at the time by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Actors aside, there is an object of the film that everyone will remember clearly, and it is the beautiful and sumptuous necklace called "Heart of the Ocean", a pendant composed of a rare 56-carat blue diamond, at the center of the team's research of treasure hunters from the film. What we are proposing is certainly not a Louis XVI style jewel, but this reproduction with certified Swarovski crystals will still be able to make the figure of him around your beauty's neck. The price of less than 26 euros is great, the quality as well but be careful not to wear it for your next cruise. You never know.

»Click here to buy the Heart of the Ocean

Swarovski Necklace with intertwined hearts

Men, let's now clarify a fundamental difference. A Swarovski product and a product "with Swarovski crystals" are not the same thing. The first is a jewel designed, created and embellished by the Austrian house, the second term defines a product that was created by third parties, but which includes crystals that have been produced by Swarosvki in special factories. Not that the latter are recent gifts, on the contrary, but a Swarovski jewel always has a different charm, as well as an always refined and elegant design. Do you want the best of the best for your woman? This Swarovski necklace is gold plated and its two pendants, two intertwined hearts, are completely adorned with points of light. Do not be fooled by the price, for the proposal and considering the manufacturer it is a beautiful item seen for less than 100 € which, let us say, is a more than reasonable price.

»Click here to buy the Swarovski necklace

The kissing keychain

Strictly sold in pairs, these two metal keychains in the shape of little pigs are a simple, tasty and above all very economical gift with which to accompany, maybe, a nice bouquet of flowers and the classic box of chocolates. Created by JoyKey, there are several variations, one with a couple of whales, the other with a couple of elephants but, in our humble opinion, the one with the little pigs is the cutest choice, beyond whatever the people think. more mischievous. Sold for just over 10 euros in a pretty gift box, they are made of zinc and feature a solid metal lace with a hidden closure to prevent them from being lost by mistake. Last but not least, the mouths of the various animals are magnetic, so that couples of key rings can kiss when they are close. So sweet!

»Click here to buy the kissing keychains

Our adventure book

You will surely know the Disney Pixar movie Up, a sweet and touching story, in which it is nevertheless hidden so much melancholy. However, Up is also the love story between Carl, the elderly and grumpy protagonist, and his wife Ellie, who passed away a few years earlier. A romantic and sad love story, told very well in the very first minutes of the film and which has consecrated the concept of "Adventure book" in the collective imagination, that is a colorful and fun photo album in which to keep your couple photos. After the film, many reproductions have appeared on the net, but the one we recommend is this one produced by Pootack which not only comes in a sober but pleasant gift box, but also includes many accessories such as postcards, stickers and colored pens to start immediately. compile the album of your couple's adventure. It almost makes you move.

»Click here to buy the Adveture Book photo frame

The Yankee Candle of Valentine's Day

Men live on Mars, but if they lived on Venus they would know that among the most popular purchases for many girls and women in recent years there are the very fragrant and sober Yankee Candle, candles for environments whose scent is able to inebriate and… disinfest any home environment. There are various sizes and fragrances on the market, but the company, which is increasingly specializing on the occasion of the holidays, has recently released a limited edition dedicated to Valentine's Day. The fragrance is called "Snow in love". The scent blend is kept secret, but the smell is fresh and floral and will guarantee you approximately 150 hours of scented, love-infused air… or whatever it is.

»Click here to buy the Yankee Candle

Magic Sakura

Few things are as romantic as those glimpses embellished with cherry trees in bloom and even if flowering is still far away, you can give your girl a moment of fleeting but intense happiness thanks to this small artificial tree on which it is possible to make cherry petals “bloom”. No magic, simple science: the Magic Sakura is a pressed cardboard tree to be assembled on a special transparent blast base. The kit contains a solution which, once inserted into the base, will soak "the tree" up to the tip, on which pink crystals will then bloom. The solution, sodium acetate, does nothing but create natural crystals on the fronds which, just like cherry petals, will turn an intense pink and then fall. An object that is more scenic than useful, but with a sure impact. But beware, the crystals are very fragile!

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The Chupa Chups bouquet

If your girl is tired of the usual chocolates, why not mix the cards on the table with this cute bouquet from Chupa Chups? Fun and colorful, it is made up of 19 lollipops of various flavors and is wrapped to look like a bouquet of flowers in every way. Of course, it won't be the best gift ever (maybe for some, yes), but for sure you will win for sympathy and originality. On the other hand, for 10 euros, there really is no better on the market.

»Click here to buy the Chupa Chups bouquet

The name of a star

The ultimate in romanticism: with the Starling box you can buy and register a star in the sky for your girl, giving the star the name you prefer. A fantastic and romantic gift that may not change the fate of the universe, but that will certainly make you re-evaluate in terms of romance. The box is not really cheap but it looks very good, and will allow you to give the name to a star included in a band of sky (more or less) corresponding to a certain constellation, including: a certificate, a star map , several brochures related to the chosen star and its constellation, and instructions to track it in the sky, as well as a PC software that allows you to explore the night sky. At a price of about € 100, therefore, you will buy a gift of enormous value, as well as of remarkable romance.

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The eternal rose

It is said that a diamond is forever, and this is true (at least from a geological point of view), but if you can't afford diamonds you can fall back on roses for some time now. Thanks to the “stabilization” technique, in fact, it is possible to buy roses that can last 3 or even 5 years depending on how you will be able to keep them. Basically we are talking about a real rose which, thanks to a chemical process, has been deprived of its water which, replaced with a special solution, will remain fresh and shiny for years! Preserved roses are beautiful and delicate, but if properly stored they can really keep their original appearance for a long time, completely identical to how they were before being cut. The one we propose is that of Notta & Belle, a company that offers its version of stabilized rose preserved in a rounded glass case, recalling the flower present in the film "Beauty and the Beast". Presented in an elegant package, it is also available in different colors including blue. A simply perfect gift!

»Click here to buy the eternal rose

Lego flowers

And speaking of eternal flowers, this year there is a new alternative to the more classic article just mentioned. Lego, in fact, has recently released a set of its Ideas series, thanks to which it is possible to build a pretty bouquet of flowers from scratch, which allows the construction of 10 different types of flowers inspired by roses, snapdragons, poppies. , asters, daisies, and herbs. Consisting of 756 pieces at a cost of € 49.99, this set can be placed in any type of vase, thanks to its adjustable length stems, and even comes with adjustable petals, to give the composition the maximum of naturalness. A really nice and "different from the usual" gift, which combines the idea of ​​classic flowers with all the charm of Danish bricks, all for less than 50 euros!

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