The artificial island that produces clean energy

The artificial island that produces clean energy
Denmark focuses strongly on offshore wind power by unveiling an initiative that goes beyond what has been experienced so far: the construction of two artificial islands defined as energy hubs is planned. The first will rise 80 kilometers off the coast of the Jutland peninsula, powered by hundreds of turbines (up to 600) constantly working to produce clean energy to be stored and then distributed to the surrounding territories.

Ijver Island: the energy hub imagined by Denmark

An ambitious project that will rely both on funds allocated by the country and on the participation of private companies. At least initially, Ijver Island will occupy an area of ​​120,000 square meters, hosting everything necessary for its operation. As you can see from the demonstration video that accompanied the announcement, there will be a port for mooring boats, storage facilities, facilities dedicated to maintenance, data centers and a "residential" area where there will be a football field to entertain the staff working on site.

The turbines will not be the ones we already see installed in our territory: they are huge units, capable of rising up to 260 meters above the level of the sea considering the maximum point reached by the blades.

How much energy will such a plant produce? Initially 3 GW, enough to meet the needs of around 3 million households in Europe. However, the capacity could subsequently be extended to reach 10 GW. The project is still in the preliminary study stages and the hypothesis is to complete it by 2030, also actively involving Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Source: Danish Energy Agency

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