iPhone SE 3: the first with side Touch ID?

iPhone SE 3: the first with side Touch ID?
According to rumors, Apple intends to launch iPhone SE 3 in the course of 2022. Moreover, it is claimed several times that it will finally have the display that everyone expects and also the Touch ID in the right side profile.

Already with iPhone SE 2 rumors suggested that Apple would have opted for an iPhone X-like appearance but in the end a classic design was chosen, with iconic features that echo the models of "old" memory.

If the predictions are correct , Apple will launch iPhone SE 3 far from the date of presentation of iPhone 13. This is also to maintain a certain logic and rigor on the communication side.

But when will the new product of this family actually arrive on the market? JPMorgan analysts say mid-2022 will be the right time and year. Inside, an SoC aligned with what will constitute the iPhone 13 and the SE model will complete that transition that will see the display present on the entire front plant, obviously including notch.

In addition, there have also been some reports that speculated how the new iPhone SE 3 at the end of 2021 could be replaced directly by the iPhone 13 Mini. But JPMorgan analysts are much more likely to think the SE lineup will remain in place in 2022 as well.

iPhone SE 3 should build its foundation starting with the iPhone 11, including aesthetics and a 6-inch display. 1 inch LCD technology. The iPhone 11's camera could also be “borrowed”, both the main sensor and the 120-degree wide-angle one. And as far as power is concerned, we are talking about an A14 Bionic SoC, the current one on the iPhone 12 family.

Finally, on the security side, it is possible that iPhone SE 3 introduces a lateral fingerprint sensor coupled with the Face ID. The same fate will befall, rumors say, to the iPhone 13 smartphone family that will arrive at the end of 2021 but with a fingerprint sensor under the display.

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