Try it, Hyundai i30 N Line: fun, dynamic and mild hybrid

Try it, Hyundai i30 N Line: fun, dynamic and mild hybrid
Hyundai updates the i30 midsize sedan: the changes mainly concern the appearance, with a front area that offers an enlarged grille and a slimmer and more eye-catching full LED headlight shape. The rear integrates an aerodynamic diffuser and in general the glance appears more muscular and bold. The N Line trim, specific for the mild hybrid petrol models, adds further dynamism, also thanks to some new elements, such as the 17 "alloy wheels. Hyundai i30 N Line is available starting from a price of 27,450 euros.

If the outward glance is particularly successful, the interior has also been organized with rationality and sobriety and therefore it is pleasant. The upholstery is all of good quality and the dashboard plastics are soft and do not creak; even the rear area has not been neglected and the two adults (the third would be a bit sacrificed) sit in excellent comfort. The front seats are very compact and with a sporty silhouette: also excellent for dealing with long transfers.

The update has led to the integration of a new on-board entertainment system, with a 10.3 "screen. overhang in the center of the dashboard: the graphics are pleasant and the possibility of customization is very wide. Underneath, some keys with a tactile surface have been kept that act as shortcuts to reach some specific functions faster without getting distracted. The choice of maintaining physical control for air conditioning regulation was excellent. Specific for the N Line set-up, the steering wheel and the six-speed manual gearbox lever, with embossed "N" logo.

The technical structure includes a 1.0 liter three-cylinder 120 HP engine with a 48 Volt mild hybrid module. The six-speed manual gearbox is of the new iMT generation: the detachment of the clutch disc is not mechanically controlled but operated by means of an electric actuator. The clutch detaches autonomously during slowdown phases without the intervention of the driver, turning off the engine and allowing fuel savings. The hybrid system is powered by a 0.44 kWh lithium polymer battery and a 15 Hp motogenerator: connected to the petrol engine, it helps when starting and accelerating and when slowing down, it recharges the accumulator.

The driving phases are often pleasant: the 120 HP are not particularly vigorous, but they guarantee a good brightness and an excellent running fluidity. Driving in the city is relaxed also thanks to the good maneuverability of the six-speed manual gearbox, with always precise and fast gear changes; the lever stroke is not particularly long and this improves driving involvement. Facing the fast-flowing sections, you can appreciate the quietness of the passenger compartment: the good aerodynamic structure limits the entry of annoying noises and the engine does not let you perceive particular mechanical interference.

The steering is very light and quite direct ; by choosing the Sport driving mode it stiffens but without becoming a real tool for driving precision. It is still an N Line setting, more attentive to the aesthetic component than to the dynamic one; the best performance will come with the real Hyundai i30 N. Very pleasant suspensions that absorb more than discreetly the roughness of the ground. Despite the presence of the micro hybrid module, consumption is not particularly positive: out of a total of 660 km traveled on a mixed route, the on-board computer recorded an average of 15.6 km / l.

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