The site for complaints of the cashback program arrives

The site for complaints of the cashback program arrives

First refunds expected by February 28th. The online form developed by Consap allows citizens to report missing or incomplete credits.

Contactless payments (Getty Images) With the inauguration of the cashback complaints portal, a new element is added to the state reimbursement program for electronic payments , launched on an experimental basis in December and definitively continued with the start of the new year. The form developed and published online by Consap, the concessionaire controlled by the Ministry of Finance and responsible for disbursing reimbursements, allows you to submit reports due to an alleged failure or incorrect credit. At the moment the feature is only available for refunds of the Christmas cashback, arriving within 60 days of the end of the program, in the measure of 10% on a minimum of 10 transactions in the period 8-31 December 2020.

In the experimental period 5.8 million citizens registered for the program, but only 4.6 million made valid transactions (63 million), while 1.39 million did not reach the minimum number of payments. Those who have made it will receive credit by February 28, directly on the Iban indicated at the time of registration. Once the amount has been verified, the deadline for filing any claim is 120 days from the end of the payment period, therefore by 29 June 2021 in this case. "Consap will provide a reasoned reply within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint and, in the event of its acceptance, will arrange the payment due", explains the in-house company in via Venti Settembre. In this way, the entire cashback program, including complaints, will close at the end of December 2022.

To access the service you need to register with your email and password (the temporary one must be changed within 48 hours). The interface mask allows you to attach any useful documentation to prove the dispute, such as Pos receipts. The assistance team can send messages to the citizen's personal area, with an email notification, also for any requests for additions and communications.

In any case, it is already possible to check the summary of transactions recorded directly on the Io app. It should be noted that some payments may not have been recorded for reasons relating to the technological infrastructure used. Currently there are 7.5 million members of the cashback program, but 6.3 million have made valid transactions. Among these, less than 6% has already exceeded the threshold of the minimum 50 transactions required by June in order to have the cashback of the first half of 2021. User number 100 thousand made 80, for the purpose of super cashback which recognizes an additional premium of 1,500 euros from that position up. An incentive that has induced several "crafty" to find tricks of all kinds to artfully increase the number of valid transactions (for example by repeatedly paying minimum amounts to petrol stations).

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