The most impressive characters in the history of video games

The most impressive characters in the history of video games
While the whole web goes crazy for the new Capcom character linked to Resident Evil Village, we obviously talk about the disturbing Lady Dimitrescu, we wonder about what were, during the past videogame eras, the most impressive characters ever molded to the perverse minds of creatives. Dozens have managed to enter the collective imagination thanks to the disproportionate and often illogical dimensions as only a virtual world can conceive, but the first to come to mind are precisely these remembered in the special you are reading.

Pyramid Head

Also known as Pyramid Head or Black Man, or even Triangle Head for the closest friends, it is the timeless protagonist of hundreds of cosplay seen every year at the major trade fairs in the sector. A sign that our disturbing friend has managed, over the years, to enter the minds of all gamers. Pyramid Head first appears in Konami's Silent Hill 2 and later in many other chapters, spin-offs and the film itself linked to the popular franchise.

One of the most iconic monsters ever, full of esoteric symbolism and deviant psychological facets very dear to the Silent Hill saga. He does not speak (and does not even seem to want to) but grunts and emits disturbing sounds, he does not see but can understand what surrounds him, he is equipped with disproportionate weapons and proportionate to his enormous size. On the other hand, it shares many points in common with Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman of the sixteenth century and a well-known serial killer with a deviated psyche, who inspired Capcom for the development of her now famous Lady Dimitrescu.


An incredible and bewildering mass of nonsense muscles, one of the most massive characters in the history of fighting games. One of the first protagonists of video games with exceptional dimensions that came to our mind is Capcom's Abigail. Appearing as a boss in the Final Fight series, she was later placed within Street Fighter V as a DLC expansion.

Abigail has an out-of-scale physical structure, so much so that poor old Zangief, who until a few years ago maintained his primacy in terms of musculature and size, blushes. According to the Capcom encyclopedia, she is the tallest fighter in the entire rooster in the series, second in weight only to other giant Gill, who also appeared in Street Fighter V. A good fight of the titans!

Shah Dalamadur

Monster Hunter lovers know well one of the most creepy and gigantic bosses ever. In third place we put Shah Dalamadur, huge boss of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Monster Hunter 4G who appeared on Nintendo 3DS now seven, eight years ago. Belonging to the Dalamadur species, however, it is a particular specimen renamed "Shah", from the ancient Farsi language which means "King".

The biggest, baddest and biggest boss in the game. One of the tallest and most ignorant (in the sense of murderous fury, of course) ever seen in a video game, they make him a character absolutely to remember and certainly one of the most difficult to deal with.


We return to the world of fighting games because we are reminded of another incredibly tall, big and disturbing character exactly like the ones mentioned above. He appeared in the Guilty Gear series, who remembers the imposing Faust? He has a huge "boxed" head, a bit like Pyramid Head, but unlike the bad guy Konami, Faust can see through the box in his head. A former physician now mad and violent, he still maintains a "human" personality and his murderous impulse often makes room for the will to save lives exactly as he did as a doctor.

He is not a muscular or powerful character, on the contrary. its lean and lanky physiognomy makes it slender and disturbingly scary. Faust appears in many chapters of Guilty Gear and his human nature is sometimes questioned, such as when he is classified as being of "unknown" origin.

The King of the Cosmos

Katamary Damacy is a Japanese game quite popular with Playstation fans, although it was also later released on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game, born from the twisted mind of Keita Takahashi, was based on rolling through various levels filled with objects, animals and much more with the intent of englobing as a snowball rolling as many things as possible, entire continents included, to search to satisfy the huge and disturbing King of the Cosmos who dominates the game universe.

Katamari's King of the Cosmos can be glimpsed between one level and another with its gigantic proportions, even higher than the planet on which the game takes place, making him one of the most gigantic video game characters in the history. He stuff that Lady Dimitrescu pales in comparison.

Master Chief

One of the greatest icons of video games along with Super Mario and Sonic. Apparently of "human" size, he is instead much taller and thicker than he seems: we are talking about Halo's Master Chief, of course. On the official Halowaypoint forums it has long been discussed on the real size of this extraordinary character, noting that through the various chapters that have occurred on Xbox and especially on Xbox 360, his size would seem to have increased. In some scenes, the gap in height with the other characters is imperative. In Halo 4 it would seem even bigger and more powerful than you would appreciate in Halo 3, but it's probably just the wrongly proportioned shots or an "artistic license" to make it look even more legendary than before.

Alla at the end of the day, it appears that the Master Chief is about 6'9 feet tall without armor and that he comes to 7'2 with all Spartan armor on. Cosplayers be warned, if you want to wear John-117 decently you must be about 2 meters and 20 centimeters tall.

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