The five most beautiful love stories in video games

The five most beautiful love stories in video games
"Love is not a passion. Love is not an emotion. Love is a profound understanding that somehow the other completes you. Someone makes you a perfect circle; the presence of the other strengthens the your presence ", said the Indian mystic and spiritual teacher Osho. On the other hand, love, the real one, is like that. Over the last few decades, video games have also featured some of the most beautiful, curious or interesting romantic relationships in the entertainment scene. And we who are after all incurable romantics have chosen the five most beautiful love stories, without the presumption of proposing a definitive ranking, but simply to stimulate discussion among you readers, following our tastes as the only selection criterion. br>

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Nathan Drake is the classic "slap face", a nice Gascon certainly sensitive to feminine charm. But only one of her really managed to make him capitulate, to the point of marrying her and starting a family. We are obviously talking about Elena Fisher, the blonde and charming journalist who appears in all the main games of the saga, and who as the author claims, Amy Hennig, is in some ways the female version of Drake. On the other hand it is said that "those who look alike, take themselves", and in fact Elena is shrewd, witty and intelligent like Nathan, even if she often appears more compassionate towards others than the adventurer: hers is a complementary figure and both the characters, in fact, together complement each other.

Certainly when he is with her, Drake feels safe, free to express all of himself, to show aspects of his personality which he usually tends to hide from others, perhaps for fear of highlighting certain weaknesses. A fear that disappears in front of Elena, aware of finding in her a "safe haven" to always return to and find comfort, support and love in the dark moments. Something that old Nate understands well, as in need of "a safe haven, in a stormy sea".

Mario and Peach

In a list like this, two of the world icons of video games, as well as one of the most famous and long-lived couples in the industry. Apparently "so close, so far", not just a matter of caste, Mario and Peach from the Super Mario Bros series. they will not form the most romantic couple on the planet, but they certainly make up one of the most close-knit ever. He, a mustachioed and a little grumpy Italian plumber, she a delicate and vain princess, who nevertheless does not fail to pull out her nails when necessary. And it is perhaps precisely this of her being sweet about her but at the same time tough when needed that makes the heart vibrate to the one who is considered the symbol of Nintendo.

The most loved plumber in the world, in fact, just doesn't seem to resist the eyes of Peach, who for years represented the typical little princess to be saved seen in so many films, comics, novels and video games. Blonde (but originally she was red), blue eyes, sweet character and elegant manner, with her pink dress she often ended up in the clutches of the bad guy on duty waiting for the mustachioed Mario to come to save her, usually rewarded with a kiss on the cheek (or nose) for his efforts.

Ellie and Dina

"They say that love is life, I am dying for love", said the immense Jim Morrison . And for her, for love, for her Ellie is willing to do anything, even to face Hell for the woman she loves, Dina. In the drama, in its being so painful, hard, but also extremely emotional and engaging, the one told in The Last of Us Part II is one of the stories that most fascinated us during our "career" as gamers. It is not a question of political correctness, but of true feelings: the game developed by Naughty Dog showed us to what extent it can push the love of one individual towards another, telling us the story of a bond stronger than violence, of disruption of a society in ruins due to a deadly pandemic and its consequences on civilization.

Stronger than the drama, the losses, the obstacles. Dina is a cheerful and kind-hearted girl, Ellie is no longer the tender and defenseless girl of the past, but a determined and courageous woman. A beautiful, clean couple: be it gay, straight or bisexual, what does it matter? Theirs represents a flash of genuine love in a world without feeling, without hope where death is always around the corner.

Link and Zelda

In our personal list of stories of love more beautiful than video games, they could only be two other icons of history, namely the one formed by Zelda and Link. True, their relationship hasn't always been romantic or in-depth in the various incarnations of the characters, and at times it has been barely hinted at in some games despite being perceptible and present in the background throughout the series. But we like the couple created by Shigeru Miyamoto, especially in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is precisely in that chapter that the sentimental relationship of the two is examined and perhaps given the right value it deserves. Their bond becomes there an unparalleled driving force, strong, intense, "powerful" in time and space, to the point of indissolubly uniting them and allowing them to create a relationship that goes beyond the imaginative capacity, so that all of Link's adventures , and consequently every single incarnation of his past, present and future, in any form, that is to say child, adolescent or adult depending on the game, have sprung or will spring from their eternal feeling. "Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one", as the writer Friedrich Halm puts it.

Tidus and Yuna

The Final Fantasy series has often told some good love stories, almost always tormented and sometimes touching to tell the truth, but which have remained etched in the hearts and minds of millions of players. One of the most beautiful in our opinion, is the one that stars Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X. He is the Blitzball champion of the Zanarkand Abes, she is a summoner of Yevon who has a mission to accomplish by making a pilgrimage that in exchange for the salvation of her people from a powerful destructive entity called Sin, will require her to be sacrificed. The two young people meet, discover each other, and during their journey, amidst a thousand obstacles and difficulties, they bond more and more until they fall in love.

A strong, pure feeling, which in their eyes seems to be able to last internally, but which instead is destined to disperse into a nothing, like rose petals in the wind, in a sequence that tore more than one tear to millions of fans. "You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams," said American writer and cartoonist Dr. Seuss.

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