Super Buckyball Tournament, the proven one

Super Buckyball Tournament, the proven one
Our coverage of the hidden gems continues among the hundreds of titles presented during the Steam Games Festival. A list that today is enriched with a competitive title inspired by the idea of ​​Rocket League but which was also able to absorb features and mechanics from the most famous arena shooters, such as Overwatch for example or the more recent Valorant. Super Buckyball Tournament does nothing to hide its sources but, on the contrary, underlines them, winking at that huge slice of the market that over the years has dabbled with the aforementioned titles. The goal of the developers is therefore clear and crystalline, in the hope of gathering the greatest number of players on their servers, but also of simply curious, willing to keep alive an ecosystem that otherwise risks failure as already seen dozens and dozens of times for other titles with the same aims. In fact, Buckyball wants to be a completely free online game, with a monetization system based on microtransactions and with a canonical season pass. Will it have what it takes to stay afloat?

A game system already tested

If we were to think of a genre that just doesn't seem to need new contenders to share the cake, it would be that of online competitors, where MOBA and FPS now they wander hungry on the market, trying to attract and hold back, sometimes even with predatory practices, those who fall into those nets. For a near-unknown game brought to life by an indie team, Buckyball looks incredibly well flexing its muscles with a varied roster and charismatic characters. Some seem to come out of Overwatch, such as Gridiron, the classic thug with a shield in there Reinhardt, while others have stereotyped characteristics but are still pleasant. Samba, a humanoid tiger cub, is definitely one of our favorites, especially thanks to its motion animations and special ability effects. As expected, in fact, each of the eight protagonists available in the demo is equipped with a whole series of basic and special attacks that allow them to diversify on the battlefield, adhering more or less well to the style of each player.

The classic defensive giants tend to stay in the rear and cover the goal while the more agile and lean characters can opt for a more aggressive game on the wings or become the spearhead of the formation. It is no coincidence that we use a football vocabulary given that Super Buckyball tournament sets up playing fields that are extremely similar to those seen in Fifa Street, with closed and restricted arenas thanks to which to play on the bank to make passes or go to score. At the starting whistle, in one of the two modes currently available (3v3 or 4v4), the reference to the game by Psyonix seems all too evident with the ball positioned in the center and the two teams ready to run as fast as possible to grab it first . If there were cars instead of athletes it would almost seem to be playing a Rocket League mod, but it is when you get close to the ball that things change dramatically.

A well-known game

Instead of pushing the ball forward as you would expect, a kind of magnetism will glue the ball to your champion, who can then be free to run around the field or jump while maintaining full control of the ball. A simple stamina bar intervenes to limit the movements, which runs out as you use sprints and sprints, a simple solution that will certainly be balanced since this statistic during our games has never effectively affected the race strategy, without count the possibility of recharging it thanks to the various power ups scattered around the field. Among these there is no shortage of aggressive bonuses, useful for stealing the ball from the opponents and overturning the action. Intercepting the balls is not easy and the melee, with shoves and tackles is undoubtedly more practical and fun. | br>
Super Buckyball tournament has all it takes to do well, especially if its intentions are to go and get all those players fed up with crashing into Rocket League due to the high barrier of entry. Here there is more accessibility, good characters, easy to understand strategies and mechanics and a technical sector that is not at all evil. The only, very big, question mark therefore remains on the amount of users on the servers at launch for a huge challenge as we have seen in the past for triple A titles, almost impossible to cross for an independent studio. A solid title but which, unfortunately, still lacks that spark that is essential to ignite the interest of the masses.


Some very nice characters Fun game structure DOUBTS Controls not always very precise Will enough people play it?

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