Starcraft 2: Losing a tournament in 2011 could make you millionaires today

Starcraft 2: Losing a tournament in 2011 could make you millionaires today

Starcraft 2

Among all the video games protagonists in the various eSports competitions today, we find titles of disparate genres and all with a large amount of teams from all over the world. Thinking back only a few decades ago, the eSports ecosystem was not at all full of opportunities, and the games that took part in the various competitions could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Among these, however, the presence of one of the most loved and played strategists of all time was inevitable: Starcraft 2.

What has emerged in the last few hours on the internet is however incredible, and manages to show us how much life on the web is anything but obvious, especially when you look back at the past years. According to Lee Sharpe, the prize pool up for grabs in a Starcraft 2 tournament in 2011 would have allowed the losers to practically become millionaires nowadays.

This would only be possible if those who finished between the fifth and eighth place of that tournament still have that win in their virtual proto-sheet. The prize that awarded this Starcraft 2 tournament dated 2011 to the bottom finishers was 25 bitcoins. Here, today that sum in cryptocurrency today would yield approximately 1.4 million dollars, each. A real madness just to lose a tournament with a maximum win prize of $ 500.

Mostly I'm just amused by the organizer being an early Bitcoin adopter and going "Hey, I got these 100 extra Bitcoin, I'll throw them into a Starcraft tournament prize structure! "

- Lee Sharpe, ⛓️ @ ūüŹ† (@LeeSharpeNFL) February 12, 2021

A situation that, analyzed today, is incredible. Who knows what happened to the 25 bitcoins "won" by the various losers of that Starcraft 2 tournament in 2011, but above all, there will be some of those players who will have had the foresight to believe in this cryptocurrency that today would earn them over a million Dollars? What do you think of this recent discovery on the prize pool of this tournament?

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Shopify enters esports with Starcraft II team Shopify Rebellion

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Shopify, an eCommerce brand has officially entered the world of esports with the new organisation and Starcraft II team Shopify Rebellion. The Canadian esports team will be bringing three players to compete in Starcraft tournaments, as it looks to further make an impact in the growing esports scene.

The three players the Shopify Rebellion has currently signed are; Julian 'Lambo' Brosig, Byun 'ByuN' Hyun-woo, and Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn. The organisation will also be run by Dario 'TLO' W√ľnsch as a manager, with Jeremy 'SteevesJ' Steeves taking the position of the general manager.

Considering the team is brand new, there is no previous data to suggest how they will perform at events in the future. So we'll just have to keep an eye on this new organisation for the time being.

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